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CR8200 Product Overview


The Code Reader™ 8200 (CR8200) is the next generation of Code’s patented, high performance, miniature barcode imaging engine. Innovative in its design, size and decode capability, the CR8200 delivers best-in-class high-performance 2D imaging that can be added to the smallest of devices. With rapid, first-pass read rates the CR8200 effortlessly decodes 1D, 2D, postal and direct part mark barcodes printed on a variety of surfaces in a variety of conditions.

For integration versatility, choose the compact form factor that works best for your product design – imager with integrated decode board, or imager with software decoder that can be integrated into your existing processing platform.

How do our customers use our scan engines?

The CR8200 was made for OEM purposes. We see these engines used in medical devices, ATMs, price-lookup, lottery, age verification, direct part marking, handheld devices, mobile computers, and more.

Ready to purchase Code barcode readers for your team? Our Code sales team is ready to point you to the best reseller to handle your needs.

CR8200 Features

  • Ultra fast microprocessor with world-class decoding platform
  • Bright LED aiming mechanism
  • Imager Only or Imager with Decode Options
  • Extremely low power consumption for efficiency in battery applications
  • Fast boot to start reading right away
  • Compact size fits any application
  • Simple to setup and configure

Software and Firmware

Looking to customize your barcode reader’s function or its data parsing ability? Is it time for a firmware update? You have landed in the right place. Just click the link option below and you will be off and running.

These customizable options, features, and updates for your Code barcode scanners are a direct result of how our engineering team listens to the ideas and needs our users have. If you don’t see an option that fits your scanning needs, we are more than happy to customize one for you. Let’s Talk!

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Service & Warranty Options

We want to partner for your success! Code Complete is a service program designed to strategically optimize and simplify product selection, deployment, and maintenance. This new customizable service offering allows Code to focus on the technology so you can focus on your business.

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CR8200 Features

The CR8200 effortlessly decodes 1D, 2D, postal and direct part mark barcodes and its compact size will fit in any application. For battery operated devices, it features extremely low power consumption.

Kiosk Applications

Self-checkout, mobile coupons, loyalty barcodes, ticket scanning.. These are just a few of the many kiosk applications that could are used in OEM workflows. Integrating a Code scan engine will increase efficiency in all of these areas and then some.

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Automatic Scanning

Code’s engines read barcodes automatically and effortlessly. When a barcode is passed by the optical platform the engine will automatically pick up the motion and read the code. There is no reason to make sure the barcode is positioned just right or that there isn’t a glare because these scan engines will read the barcode no matter what.

DPM Barcode Reading CR1000
DPM barcode reading CR1000
Data matrix laser etch Barcode Reading CR1000