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November 2023

Code's POS Barcode Scanners are Holiday Retail Essentials

As the 2023 holiday season approaches, retail analysts project a 4.5% growth, and shoppers seek budget-friendly gifts. Explore the essential role of Code's wired barcode scanners, designed for efficiency, durability, and speed, to ensure retailers capitalize on holiday spending.

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August 2023

Three Reasons Hospitals Switch Barcode Reader Brands

Need to move to better healthcare barcode scanners? Code’s blog explains why hospitals switch barcode scanner brands and how health IT departments can smoothly migrate. This blog explores evaluating barcode reader OEMs, including what to ask reps and how to gauge their support for your needs.

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July 2023

June 2023

March 2023

Honoring Women's History Month and the Changing Face of STEM

Code honors Women’s History Month by exploring its significance and the brilliant inventors who have gone unnoticed for too long. A Hollywood star, serial entrepreneur, and the First Lady of Lasers all shaped the tech that makes wireless barcode readers possible and how we interact with the world. Share this blog with your favorite engineer today.

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February 2023

Barcode Scanning Elevates the Cannabis Industry

Medical marijuana dispensaries are crucial for those with chronic pain or illnesses. Retail barcode scanners and inventory barcode readers ensure compliance, provide traceability, and enhance patient sales and service. Learn how barcode scanners support medical cannabis.

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