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Configurations to make your operations more smooth.

Need to be able to configure your scanners on the fly for various situations? Code has configuration codes for all of your scanner's settings. Answer a few questions below to find the configuration codes that will help you streamline your specific workflow.

Discontinued CR2600 XHD image CR2600 XHD
Discontinued CR3600 DPM image CR3600 DPM
Discontinued CR1000 image CR1000
Discontinued CR1000 XHD image CR1000 XHD
Discontinued CR1400 image CR1400
Discontinued CR1400 XHD image CR1400 XHD
Discontinued CR3600 image CR3600
Discontinued CR2300 image CR2300
Discontinued CR4400 image CR4400
Discontinued CR900 image CR900
Discontinued CR2600 image CR2600