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Our scanning technology is changing the way healthcare is done.

To scan 75% of barcodes, most barcode scanners will work. But for those where fast, accurate, and reliable scanning makes the difference in quality patient care, there is only Code®.

Code’s ability to scan damaged, reflective, and moving barcodes allows your team to scan what others simply can’t.

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Code® and PDC® are Brady® companies dedicated to offering a one-stop shop for healthcare ID solutions.

PDC printers pair perfectly with Code scanners and customers can now work with one Code partner to meet their unique scanning and printing needs.

Workstations on Wheels (WOWs)—Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery!

Caregivers experience the future of healthcare today by using innovative Workstations on Wheels (WOWs). Designed by manufacturers to empower healthcare providers and enhance patient care, WOWs are the ultimate solution for flexible and efficient clinical workflows. Especially when paired with the right equipment, like Code Barcode Scanners.

WOW Key Features:

  • Mobility: With sturdy wheels and a compact design, WOWs can effortlessly navigate hospital corridors, patient rooms, and clinical areas, ensuring seamless access to critical information and resources.
  • Secure Storage: WOWs provide secure storage for medications, medical supplies, and electronic devices, keeping essential items organized, accessible, and protected.
  • Integrated Technology: When equipped with cutting-edge hardware like Code Barcode Scanners, and software, WOWs enable healthcare providers to quickly and easily access electronic medical records (EMRs), conduct point-of-care testing, and communicate with colleagues in real-time, all from the patient's bedside.
  • Customization: WOWs can be customized to meet the unique needs of your healthcare facility and the intended use case, with options for adjustable height, specialized peripheral accessories, and personalized configurations tailored to your unique workflow preferences. Code supports many options often found on WOWs, from wired handheld scanners to wireless hands-free barcode scanning solutions.
  • Versatility: From medication administration and charting to telemedicine consultations and procedural support, WOWs support various clinical tasks, empowering healthcare providers to deliver high-quality care efficiently and precisely.

Code Barcode Readers are found on WOWs from various manufacturers and used at many of the best hospitals worldwide. Any WOW is not a single product, but a bundle of products specifically tailored to the needs of each customer. Code Barcode Scanners are a standard part of those solutions for WOW experts like Howard Medical, Ergotron and Capsa Healthcare.

Point-of-Care (POC)—Nursing Workflow Bedside Medication Administration
Nurse using Epic app to a scan medication vial a with patient in the background

Medication errors are one of the most significant safety issues in healthcare. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that more than 770,000 injuries and deaths occur each year as a result of Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) or medication errors in hospitals. Reliable barcode printing and scanning significantly reduce these errors.

Code® is a leader in integrating barcode reading technology into medication administration processes. When administering medication, matching drug to patient via barcode improves patient safety, quality of care, and clinical productivity. Today, POC workflows are increasingly going mobile with integrated scanning as part of their electronic health records system. Code’s CortexDecoder® was the first integrated soft-scanning solution to kick off this mobile revolution.

Built on a JavaScript platform, Code readers facilitate rapid configuration—enabling compatibility with both enterprise and proprietary Health Information Systems such as AllScripts (Eclipsys), Epic, Oracle Cerner, CPSI®, McKesson, MEDITECH, Siemens, and QuadraMed.

Medical Supply Tracking
Nurse scanning IV bag with CR1500 Barcode Scanner

In a healthcare setting, countless medical supplies come in and out daily. Tracking that inventory is paramount to ensure that essential supplies are always on hand. Code® healthcare scanners are the key to your supply tracking needs.

Code healthcare scanners and PDC healthcare printers are the perfect combination to meet your supply tracking needs. In addition to printing high-quality patient wristbands, PDC healthcare printers also print labels for IV bags, medications, expiration dates, medical equipment, and more. Tracking your inventory is a breeze now that you can get excellent barcode printing and scanning solutions from the same source.

Are your disposable gloves almost out of stock? Need more syringes or hand sanitizer? Setting up a barcode solution with Code can help your hospital maintain a seamless supply chain and workflow. Code’s healthcare scanners are built with PVC-free, disinfectant-ready CodeShield® plastics, so sterilization is never an issue. Check out the supply tracking scanners below.

Track, trace, and verify lab samples
Test tubes with barcodes spread on a table

Mix-ups can be deadly when working with blood, lab cultures, or other specimens. When tracking lab samples, it is essential they are labeled with well-printed barcodes and traced through their entire journey with reliable scanners. The right barcode printing and tracking system significantly reduces the chances of a potentially hazardous mix-up. PDC® and Code® have you covered for printing and scanning.

Additionally, using sterile equipment in these processes is crucial to avoid cross-contamination. CodeShield® plastics are ready for the industry’s harshest sanitization chemicals, making sterilization a breeze. With CodeShield protecting the electronic components, your lab staff can maintain the utmost safety while continuing to capture data.

Pharmacy Applications
Two pharmacists standing near a shelf full of medication. One of them is holding a medication.

Scanning barcodes on medications can be a tricky process. Utilizing a scanner that can read every barcode thrown at it is crucial on any surface. Drug barcodes can include multiple pieces of information like expiration dates, lot numbers, and the FDA-required National Drug Code (NDC).

PDC healthcare printers further minimize the chances of pharmacy mix-ups by providing high-resolution medication labels that pharmacy staff can scan without issue.

Code® scanners read all barcode symbologies (and can even read more than one simultaneously). They easily fit into pharmacy workflows to scan medication at various stages of the preparation and dispensing processes. The information on medication labels can then be tracked and read with confidence. Code scanners and decoding technology continue to read barcodes that others simply can’t.

Administrative Workflows
A healthcare worker filling out a form

Like any other company, a hospital has many administrative tasks that keep business flowing. Checking patients, vendors, doctors in and out, payroll, insurance, and more. Because healthcare is so high-traffic, it’s crucial to have barcode scanners built to keep up.

A Code® reader will ensure healthcare admin tasks are always on track. Code offers scanners that can parse ID and driver’s license information, omnidirectionally scan any barcode—in any condition, and read in low light or situations with increased glare. Join the thousands of healthcare facilities worldwide that have increased efficiency and decreased errors by automating administrative workflows with Code.

Mobile Solutions
A nurse scanning an IV bag with a mobile app

Mobile technology is advancing more and more every day. Nurses and clinicians are now finding it beneficial to use mobile devices for charting, scanning, calls, peer-to-peer messaging, and other job functions. Wouldn’t having a case that protected mobile devices from harsh disinfectants while extending battery life be nice? Code has you covered with cases featuring PVC-free CodeShield® plastics, Dragontrail glass screen protectors, and integrated batteries that double battery life.

Want some software-only decoding options? CortexDecoder® turns iOS devices into enterprise-grade barcode scanners. CortexWedge App is a decoding keyboard application that will turn a mobile device into an enterprise-quality scanner without any additional integration.

PDC: Trusted by 90% of US Hospitals
Hospital staff printing a healthcare wristband while a patient waits.

Leading hospitals all across the nation trust PDC products. Three out of four babies born in the US wear PDC wristbands within minutes of birth.

Everything in One Place

No other company can match our extensive portfolio of medical-grade patient identification wristbands, labels, medical products, visitor and employee identification solutions, and more.

6+ Decades of Experience

PDC is a trusted global leader and manufacturer of healthcare printers, wristbands, and medical labels. High performance meets value—reliably print identification wristbands and labels with maximum uptime.

  • Seamless EMR integration with Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, and more
  • Mix-and-match thermal printers, wristbands, and labels offer you more options
  • Reliable performance validated by thousands of hours of testing to meet the 24/7 demands of healthcare
  • Industry’s most competitive printer warranties—up to 3 years
  • Product guarantees ensure 100% customer satisfaction

Thousands of customers in 100 countries rely on Code.
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Healthcare Solutions

Many of the leading medical facilities worldwide rely on our reliable barcode scanning systems. When matching patients to medication, transfusions to patients, and expressed breastmilk to the right baby, there’s a reason more healthcare organizations have chosen Code above any other medical barcode solution.


CodeShield Plastics Explained

The modern healthcare system features miraculous advancements in technology, treatments, and methods of healing. The equipment used to diagnose and treat patients has changed radically in just the past 50 years. Every day, medical science brings us closer to curing everything from the common cold to cancer. Medical scanning technology is advancing too. Protect your patients and your barcode scanning investment with CodeShield® Plastics—created to hold up under the most aggressive cleaning chemicals.

PDC Certis PD-B4 Desktop Direct Thermal Printer

Simplify wristband printing.
Simplify workflows.

More than 90% of U.S. hospitals already use PDC® hospital wristbands. The benefits include:

  • Easy to use—from printing to attachment
  • Made of durable materials
  • Very comfortable to wear—light and soft materials
  • Compatible with numerous printer models and EMR systems including EPIC, Cerner, and Meditech