CRA-A270 CR2700 Charging Base Station

Code Reader Accessory for CR2700 - Inductive Charging Station 

Brand: CODE
Categories: Base Station
Manufacturer: Code Corporation

The CRA-A270 is an accessory charging station for the Code CR2700 series of bar code readers. It is used in situations where a single charger and reader may be shared with multiple computers connected by the Code CRA-BTDG27 Bluetooth USB dongle. This inductive charging station comes in both light gray (CRA-A270) and dark gray versions (CRA-A273). 

Customers who use the CR2700 scanners with the CRA-BTDG27 Bluetooth Dongle do not need the CRA-A271 base since it has Bluetooth in it and that is unused in their scenario. They do need a base that allows for the scanner to be charged.  The CRA-A270 is the solution to this issue as it is a base that has charging capability but does not have the Bluetooth radio built-in.

The CRA-A270 is available in light and dark gray.