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There are hundreds of moving pieces in any manufacturing process. These variables can alter quality, safety, efficiency, and the bottom line for companies large and small. The right data capture solution can help you identify process weak points, monitor inventory status, forecast production flow, and track hundreds of workflow processes. This data facilitates real-time decision making for both local and remote management teams.


Epic Rover and Code Partnership

Integrating Code barcode readers into a work-in-process application provides insight throughout each step of production, from tracking the delivery of raw parts and components to logging shipments of manufactured products. The visibility of real-time data ensures both optimal inventory levels and continued operation of manufacturing lines.

Code's industrial-grade barcode readers are optimized to perform better than any other reader on the market. DPM, laser-etched, embossed, and other challenging barcode types are no problem for Code's industrial readers. They read any barcode from any angle in any environment—making Code barcode reading solutions an essential part of your work-in-process workflow.


Track and trace

Track and trace is the route to a successful and profitable production process. Code’s DPM barcode readers provide a solution that is quick and easy for operators to use in fast-paced environments, while their high performing scan engine ensures that dot peen and laser-etched marks can be read in a snap without slowing down the production line.

In an industrial setting it is imperative that production is tracked throughout the entire process. Code’s line of manufacturing barcode readers are built to thrive in harsh, fast-paced environments. Code makes the track and trace process a breeze.


Tack and trace lab samples

There are many industries where product verification is a critical requirement. Code’s versatile barcode readers are designed with multiple illumination fields that intuitively select the field that is most efficient for reading each barcode type. No matter what type of label or coding system you use, you’ll never have to pause to find and select the correct illumination. This streamlined operation will speed up your verification process and save you time and money.

Code's product line offers many options for your verification process. We know how imperative accuracy of verification is—let us help you find the solution that is perfect for your workflow.


Tack and trace lab samples

Using barcoding for supply chain management allows for faster and more accurate data capture. Costs are lowered and data entry mistakes are minimized, making inventory management easy and purchasing more efficient.

A barcoded system can be implemented throughout the manufacturing process to track components, finished parts, and completed goods. Code solutions can make inventory management automatic, so you don't have to worry about stock levels or initiating reorders.


Tack and trace lab samples

Code has partnered with many businesses to bring them solutions that improve the accuracy and efficiency of shipping or delivery processes. Accurate data entry of shipping information ensures timely and accurate deliveries and enhances customer service. A JavaScript platform enables data editing for specialist applications, and—combined with our scan-to-print functionality— provides the flexibility you need to develop powerful data collection solutions.

In the delivery process, barcodes can get worn down or damaged. Code scanners can compensate for damage and are built to scan a long list of symbologies, including postal barcodes. Working seamlessly with your shipping operation, Code products help with monitoring delivery schedules and delivering shipments on time to the correct locations.


Tack and trace lab samples

Do you, your suppliers, or your clients use intricate laser-etched or dot peen codes? Code scanners are built specifically to handle the vast array of barcodes used in the manufacturing solutions.

Code scans and decodes any type of barcode (over 42 different types) with unique image-based decoding algorithms that compensate for less-than-ideal conditions and environments. It's pretty impressive to watch the speed and accuracy firsthand! Here are just some of the common barcode types our scanners decode with lightning speed:

  • 1D (ex. retail barcodes)
  • 2D (ex. data matrix, QR codes)
  • Postal
  • Color
  • Low contrast
  • Laser etched
  • High density
  • Dot peen

Industry specific and purpose built for Manufacturing & Industrial settings!

Manufacturing Products

The Difference

Code barcode reading solutions can be integrated into all areas of the manufacturing environment. Code readers continue to outperform the competition optimizing workflows and scanning barcodes other brands simply can’t. Looking for a reader designed, engineered, and created for improving manufacturing workflows? Then that would be Code.

As Industrial as Your Operation

Industrial environments don't play by the rules. Our Code engineers have worked directly with customers needing to scan in harsh conditions. Our scanners still read after enduring the extremes. Equally important, they read barcodes that have weathered the same extremes.

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