CRA-A272 CR2700 Bluetooth Charging Station

The CRA-A272 is an inductively charging base station designed to be used with the CR2700. Additionally, this base-station also functions as a Bluetooth bridge between the scanner, and the computer the base is paired to.

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The A272 Bluetooth Inductive Charging Station streamlines your workflow in two ways; First, it charges the battery in the CR2700—drawing power from a standard USB port on a host PC. Second, it acts as a bridge for Bluetooth wireless communication between the CR2700 reader and a PC host.

The charging station features a sleek design that eliminates all exposed metal parts and associated contact failures caused by disinfectant use. A touch-capacitive paging button helps the user quickly locate a misplaced reader and eliminates the crevices around a mechanical button. It can now withstand the harshest disinfecting chemicals commonly used at hospitals, making device disinfection truly a breeze. The station’s unique form factor is compatible with both the palm and handle versions of the CR2700 and with multiple mounting accessories—streamlining device management and minimizing maintenance costs. It is compatible with the CRA-C34 USB charging cable.

The charging station is available in light (CRA-A271) or dark gray.

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Product Firmware

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CRA-A271 Firmware | Version: 3.1.3

Refer to the readme file for details.

Bluetooth Inductive Charging Station CRA-A271 System Install Firmware. Note: Download CortexTools2® to install firmware and configuration files to your Bluetooth Inductive Charging Station.

Updated Date: 11-03-2023