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Thin margins and high employee turnover are some of the biggest concerns in the retail industy. To contribute to a successful retail operation, workflow systems must be cost-efficient and easy to use. Barcodes were invented to make the retail industry more efficient. The right barcode system can make your business far more profitable.

Today, there are numerous solutions to help your retail business run smoothly, but none offer the same level of affordability and reliability as the barcode scanning solutions from Code.


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Code designs barcode readers to maximize productivity in retail environments. With a focus on quick scanning and durability, Code barcode reading solutions can easily be integrated into all point-of-sale (POS) industry.

Code offers a full line of tethered and wireless readers that are compact, rugged, and feature a high-performance scan engine—making barcode reading fast and reliable. Code barcode readers have significantly reduced power requirements, limiting the battery drain on POS systems, and reducing overall costs when deployed throughout your operation. Additionally, Code readers are ready to use right out of the box for seamless integration with any POS system, network, or information system.

Code's advanced and patented technologies give retailers the best return on their investment. Code's anti-glare technology makes reading barcodes quick and easy—even on shiny or curved surfaces and mobile devices. Dual-field optics allow users to read both 1D and 2D barcodes with the same device.


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An efficient and dependable inventory management system is essential to the profitability of any business. Quality control and quick turnaround of products from receipt to order fulfillment are also crucial.

Code barcode readers are a key component in the inventory control processes of thousands of businesses worldwide. All Code readers are engineered to outperform the competition—easily reading barcodes that are very small, very large, damaged, poorly printed, or on shiny or curved surfaces. Featuring a JavaScript platform, Code readers can adapt to handle data parsing and integration for any enterprise inventory solution.

Code barcode readers can simplify supply-chain and distribution management, assist in counting or locating inventory, and alert when a re-order is necessary.


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For many retailers, the proliferation of mobile devices provides a new channel to reach customers. To meet the demands of this growing channel, Code has developed feature-rich, patented barcode reading industy. These scanners are ideal for reading QR codes, PDF417 codes, other barcoded coupons, and tickets directly from the screen of virtually any mobile device.

Mobile screens emit light and reflect ambient light into the barcode reader—which can significantly reduce readability. Code barcode readers are the only 2D area imagers in the industry that are equipped with a patented glare and reflection reducing technology that substantially increases read rates under these conditions. Additionally, Code readers feature omnidirectional barcode reading that makes barcodes readable from any angle. Code readers can be used in either hands-free or handheld modes and can be combined with various peripherals for truly unique industy.

Lightweight and ergonomic reader designs reduce fatigue during extended scanning sessions. The high-performance scan engine in Code readers ensures that coupons and tickets can be read in a snap—without slowing down the checkout process.


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It only takes one age verification error when selling alcohol, tobacco, or other age-restricted products for a business to face fines and penalties. More importantly, these errors could threaten the reputation or even the future of a business.

To protect businesses from age verification infractions, Code has designed the CR5000—an easy-to-use age verification solution. A red or green light at the top of the scanner indicates whether or not the state-issued identification meets the age requirement. Combining reliable 2D barcode reading with advanced data parsing capabilities, the CR5000 gives you the confidence to trust verification after verification.


Tack and trace lab samples

The popularity of lotteries and gaming continues to grow globally. Agencies charged with overseeing the operation of these enterprises rely on barcode scanning to ensure that players, organizations, and governments are protected against fraud. Code offers several barcode scanners and barcode scanning software solutions that protect businesses participating in the gaming industry and their patrons. We can customize a barcode scanning solution for each level of involvement in the industry to help ensure that customers continue to have a fair chance at winning.

Code barcode readers are built on a versatile JavaScript platform. Our application engineers have developed patented applications that control how data is processed, encrypted, displayed, and then shared with enterprise software industy.

Industry-specific and purpose-built for retail & commercial settings!

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Code barcode reading solutions can be integrated into all areas of the retail or commercial environment. Code readers continue to outperform the competition, optimizing workflows and scanning barcodes other brands simply can't. Looking for a reader designed, engineered, and built for improving retail workflows? Contact Code today and see what sets us apart.

Scan to Print

In retail, the ability to scan and print labels and receipts on demand can greatly streamline an otherwise cumbersome workflow. Mobile scan-to-print capabilities ensure accuracy and functionality, increase productivity, and enable the versatility necessary to meet customer expectations in a competitive market.

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