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CRA-B718B Blank

The light gray Codeshield plastic battery blank cartridge is compatible with the CR7018 & CR7020 mobile cases and backup battery. As a battery blank, it holds no charge and provides no additional power with the iOS device. The purpose of this battery blank is to lower the overall device weight, while maintaining the ergonomic design and rugged profile of both the CR7018 & CR7020 devices. 

Product Models: CR7020, CR7018, CR7000 Series
Categories: Power
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This battery blank cartridge is compatible with both the CR7018 & CR7020 mobile cases. As a battery blank, it cannot hold a charge and cannot provide additional power to the iOS device using the case. A battery blank lowers the device weight, maintains the ergonomic design and profile of the CR7018 & CR7020 devices. 

Battery blank cartridges features and benefits include:

  • Reduces the overall weight of the iOS device & case with battery
  • With less weight, the case still maintains its ergonomic design and rugged profile.

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