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CR1500 Product Overview

code-reader-cr1500The Code Reader™ 1500 (CR1500)

The Code Reader™ 1500 (CR1500) is a compact, rugged, tethered barcode reader that features a high-performance scan engine, patented dual-field optical platform and intuitive targeting that makes reading 1D, 2D and postal barcodes extremely fast and reliable. Built for either healthcare or industrial purposes, this reader is ready to thrive in either demanding setting.

The healthcare CR1500 (CR1500-HC) is built with CodeShield® Level 3 disinfectant-ready housing, is PVC-free and IP54 rated, protecting the performance of the CR1500 against harsh chemical cleaning agents, dust, and water ingress–even multiple drops to concrete.

The Code Reader™ 1500 Industrial (CR1500-IND) is built to overcome and exceed the real challenges that are present in this vertical like reading poor quality codes printed on varied surfaces, laser etched direct part marks (DPM)* during manufacturing processes, or barcodes as small as 2 mil.

No matter your system requirements, Code’s unique JavaScript platform provides unlimited customization options to meet your application needs. Powered by a proprietary microprocessor specifically designed for super fast image processing and a best-in-class decoder, the CR1500 is the compact yet durable high-performance 2D barcode reader of choice for all your challenging data collection applications.

How do our customers use the CR1500?

We see this reader used a lot at the point-of-care, in pharmacies, labs, manufacturing, logistics, quality control, supply chain management, tracking/tracing, and much more.

Ready to purchase Code barcode readers for your team? Our Code sales team is ready to point you to the best reseller to handle your needs.

CR1500 Features

  • High speed, omnidirectional reading of 1D, 2D and postal barcodes
  • Dual-field optics read both high density and wide field barcodes with a single device
  • Glare reduction technology for reading barcodes on transparent and shiny surfaces
  • Effortlessly reads barcode reliably off mobile device screens
  • Fully user-customizable feedback settings: highly visible, audible and haptic
  • Easily customizable using Code’s CortexTools2® software configuration utility
  • Data editing and parsing with JavaScript
  • Code Complete extended warranty service plans
  • Available in light or dark gray

CR1500 Healthcare Features

  • PVC-Free CodeShield® plastics stand up to more disinfectants
  • Available “plug and play” models for all major Health Information Systems to simplify rollout
  • GS1 and HIBC validation and parsing for accurate and efficient data capture
  • No exposed metal and seamless design for easier infection control
  • Programmable day/night modes to avoid patient disturbance

CR1500 Industrial Features

  • Optional models optimized to read laser etched, DPM, or high-density codes
  • Serial interface available for easy Programmable Logic Controller connectivity
  • Preconfigured kits available for easy connection to major MRP/ERP software packages

Software and Firmware

Looking to customize your barcode reader’s function or its data parsing ability? Is it time for a firmware update? You have landed in the right place. Just click the link option below and you will be off and running.

These customizable options, features, and updates for your Code barcode scanners are a direct result of how our engineering team listens to the ideas and needs our users have. If you don’t see an option that fits your scanning needs, we are more than happy to customize one for you. Let’s Talk!

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Options and Accessories

Service & Warranty Options

We want to partner for your success! Code Complete is a service program designed to strategically optimize and simplify product selection, deployment, and maintenance. This new customizable service offering allows Code to focus on the technology so you can focus on your business.

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CR1500 in Healthcare

The CR1500 is perfect for healthcare workflows. This tethered reader is built with PVC-free, healthcare-grade disinfectant ready plastics, which means it will stand up to the harshest chemicals. It can also read any and every healthcare barcode.

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CR1500 in Manufacturing

The Industrial CR1500 has optional models that are optimized to read laser etched DPM or high-density codes. This tethered reader will enhance manufacturing workflows.

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CR1500 Performance

The CR1500 is one of the best scanners on the market. Omnidirectional, zero-miss reading of any barcode. Watch more here.

Glare Reduction Technology

The CR1500 is equipped with glare reduction technology, meaning it will read barcodes off of shiny, reflective surfaces with ease. Mobile screens? No problem! How about blood and saline bags? The CR1500 reads them with zero-miss efficiency.

High-Speed Omnidirectional Reading

In settings as fast-paced as healthcare or manufacturing, a barcode reader that can scan from any angle or direction is the ideal solution. The CR1500 can do just that, no matter the glare, angle, or direction it can scan with ease and accuracy. Workflows won’t miss a beat with this impressive scanner.

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