CodeShield® Plastic

Code’s barcode readers with CodeShield® plastics easily withstand harsh chemical cleaners found in healthcare environments. CodeShield® (Level 3) plastics join our other disinfectant-ready plastics (Levels 1 and 2) to offer healthcare operations options based on equipment cleaning agent requirements.

Brand: CODE
Categories: Product Build Material

Code's new plastic rating structure gives the user precise information when selecting a Code barcode reading solution. Now with Levels 1, 2, or CodeShield® (Level 3) designations, hospitals can quickly assess the type of chemical disinfectant each reader is designed to withstand.

Infection prevention requires frequent cleaning and device disinfection. Commonly used healthcare-grade disinfectants may contain chemical agents that can deteriorate plastic housings—which can shorten product lifespan, void warranties, and leave hospitals with replacement costs.

While each reader in Code's Level 1 and Level 2 healthcare portfolio features disinfectant-ready plastics able to withstand common cleaners, CodeShield® provides an additional level of protection. CodeShield® is resistant to the most aggressive hospital-grade chemical disinfectants—those used to combat pathogens, such as COVID-19, C. difficile, and MRSA.

"Code has set the standard by assigning this detailed level of categorization to a healthcare product line," says Garrett Russell, vice-president of sales and marketing. "CodeShield® represents our commitment to provide quality products that exceed the demands of our customers."

With CodeShield® and an IP65 rating, Code's CR2600 and CR2700 now tolerate more disinfectants than any other healthcare barcode reader on the market. With CodeShield®, the pocket-sized, wireless CR2700 can freely move in and out of patient rooms without adversely affecting infection control protocols.