Cannabis Barcode Scanning

Cannabis Barcode Scanning

For decades, Code has consistently pushed the boundaries of scanning software and hardware with patented data-capture technology and versatile products. As the cannabis industry continues to grow so do state and federal regulations. From seed to sale, the barcode will be your ticket of compliance and Code, the good-looking wingman that has your back. It is all about doing more, our data capture technology and bundled retail solution packages are designed to keep your business compliant and moving forward. Code's extensive line of industry-trusted scanning solutions can immediately replace many of your inefficient processes with a single barcode scanning device. It's true. Elevate your customer experience while saving time and money optimizing processes. Are you ready?

A Nation of Regulation

Though cannabis has not been legalized on the federal level, there are still federally mandated regulations for the growth, production, and sale of all recreational and medicinal cannabis products. Each individual seed must be tracked from grower to end user through every change of hands. That level of transparency keeps the industry in check and protects it not only from becoming a funnel for black market sales but also from losing ground and potentially being scaled back. However, it also makes running a legitimate cannabis business more complicated. Code is here to make navigating the complicated issues of the industry simple and easy.

Code Solutions for Cannabis

Tracking every step from seed-to-sale can involve multiple businesses in a variety of cities, states, and even countries.

Whether you are in the business of growing, producing, or selling there is an industry-trusted scanning solution that will fit your every need.

All of our barcode readers can read dozens of symbologies, so you'll be ready to scan virtually anything that comes your way. In addition, Code focuses on ensuring optimal scanning efficiency in real-world conditions, not just perfect environments. That means the dirt on your plant tags won't slow you down!

Growers Solution

Growing is the most rugged and dirty part of the seed-to-sale process. Soil is the miraculous medium that nourishes the seed and produces a good plant. However, that same soil can stick to tags and barcodes and make things difficult for scanning and tracking. Time is money. So what happens if the tags don't scan...often employees just skip it. Thus putting the whole company at compliance risk. What is the solution? The wireless, Bluetooth-enabled CR2600 is a durable scanning solution that will read soil-covered, different colored, reflective, damaged, or water-warped barcodes faster than the competition, speeding up your entire tracking process. This lightning-fast scanner is available in a palm or handheld option and features long-lasting, replaceable battery packs and programmable buttons for easy customization. With the right tools, anything is possible!

Production Solution

If you're in the business of producing edibles, oils, or other variations of cannabis, Code has wireless mobility scanning solutions that can go wherever you go. The scanning keyboard wedge, CortexWedge, was developed to bring enterprise-grade barcode scanning any mobile device your choose. Code's scanning technology has been configured and deployed inside an app that is easily downloadable and installed on your mobile device. Once installed you select the field you want the barcode data scanned into, switch your devices keyboard out with the CortexWedge scanning keyboard and click scan. The app then uses the camera on your mobile device to capture the barcode and embedded decoding algorithms to translate the data you need into any input-able form field you choose. Test it out for your self and receive 50 free scans. CortexWedge is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product and will require a license for each device it's deployed on.

Retail Solution

On the retail side, there are even more security and safety elements to consider on top of the government-mandated tracking of cannabis products. For that, you need a solution that will scan purchasing codes, validate coupons or loyalty codes, verify age and IDs, log purchaser information, and keep a firm audit trail of inventory coming in and going out. The CR5000 is the workhorse that will do all that and more! Even the new federally mandated Real ID codes, which use a complex code called PDF417, will scan and log the first time, every time with the CR5000. All that power in one scanner means you'll never have to worry about an employee misreading the date on an ID or incorrectly logging pertinent information. Looking for that Appleisk mobile retail experience for your customers? Our barcode scanners can connect to your mobile devices or there are software scanning options that can turn your mobile device into the barcode scanner. Checks, double checks, and check out all on a single device. Now you're talking!

Product Use Examples

Below are some of the most common examples of how Code can help you run an efficient and compliant cannabis operation.


In an industry as tightly regulated as the cannabis industry, the last thing you want to worry about is a sub-par POS system. If your POS system is under-performing or just not built to track and trace the details that the cannabis industry requires of you, Code solutions are here to help. If you need to upgrade your existing system with better hardware, Code scanners come ready to use right out of the box, reducing downtime and lost productivity. If you need to migrate to a new software solution altogether, Code's team of experts can help you get everything set up and hit the ground running!

Inventory Management

Loss prevention is a point of concern in any industry, but in the cannabis industry, it's a critical issue that could land you in hot water. When you use Code scanners to track inventory, monitor stock levels, and trace products going out, you can be sure that everything is being accounted for in realtime. Creating an inventory log using Code scanners will also help you maintain a "paper trail" in case your supply chain is ever audited. But the benefits of using Code for inventory management don't stop there! You can ensure continuous inventory levels with automatic reordering that activates when stock falls below a designated threshold.

Strains and Dosing

There are countless strains of cannabis on the market and countless more being created and tested in labs. These strains can be used in various forms and doses to treat all kinds of ailments. In a medicinal dispensary, Code can accurately track dispensing and help you monitor the effects of various strains and varieties of cannabis. In the traditional healthcare industry, Code has been trusted for years to monitor and track bedside medication and dosing. When you use Code to track patient care in your medicinal dispensary, you are using a solution that has already been rigorously tried, tested, and approved.

Access Controls

Whether you're growing, producing, or selling, there are certainly products and areas to which you will need to restrict access to credentialed persons only. Code's scanning technology can be used to protect areas large and small with secure access points. Don't risk losing track of inventory. Make sure you know exactly who is accessing your products and when with Code's secure access and tracking solutions.

Age Verification

Code is serious about protecting the integrity and longevity of your cannabis business. In the world of age verification, any error in scanning state or government-issued identifications could mean a damaged reputation, a large fine, or even loss of business license. Why risk it?

Code offers reliable, fast-reading solutions that make it easy for you to verify and capture age information without error.

In addition, complying with the law may require you to store time-stamped data. Code's scanning solutions have your back and allow you to store information without specialized software to keep your business compliant.

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