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Code's Patented Dual-Field Optics allow quicker scanning of barcodes of all sizes. Code scanners also excel at reading damaged codes and those partially obscured by reflections or other lighting challenges.

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Scan Everything That Comes Your Way

Imagine being able to scan all barcodes—small, large, far, near, damaged, reflective, etc. Give your team the best solution for quick and accurate scanning—no matter the circumstances.

Twice the Scanning Versatility

Dual-Field Optics technology aids your team's workflow. Uninterrupted by frequent scan position adjustments, your employees can focus on more important things. Dual-Field utilizes two lens systems—one for small barcodes and one for large. These fields overlap for maximum versatility. (See the diagram in the second image.)

All purchases are done through one of our many sales partner companies. Code is happy to help consult with you to determine the best partner for your specific needs, project detail and industry.