Chemical Damage

Additional coverage option for chemical damage to charging contacts on the CR2600 and an associated charger

Brand: CODE
Categories: Additional Coverage
Manufacturer: Code Corporation
Item Condition: NEW
Availability: In stock

Customers may receive a one-time refurbished replacement if the charging contacts of the covered CR2600 unit or those of the charging base are damaged by chemical wear or corrosion during the warranty term of the unit. Chemical Damage Coverage is for the barcode reading product only and does not apply to accessories.

*Chemical Damage Coverage applies only to the charging contacts of the CR2600 and an associated charger. Replacement is limited to one replacement during the warranty period of the reader or charger.  Replacement units may be a repaired or refurbished unit at Code's discretion. The replacement unit is warranted for the remaining duration of the warranty period applicable to the replaced unit.

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