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Code Reader 1500

Below are a list of configuration options available for your product organized by category. Each configuration option will generate a QR code that your scanner can read that will allow you configure and update settings in your product. You can view the QR code individually by click on it's name and a pop-up will appear, or you can click on the checkbox next to each option and click on Generate PDF button to create a PDF that will contain a collection of QR codes that can be saved, emailed, or printed.




Code (Global HQ)

434 West Ascension Way | Suite 300 | Murray, UT 84123

Phone: (801) 495-2200

Fax: (801) 495-2202

Code Technology Center (TachyonIQ)

43 Nagog Park | Suite 215 | Acton MA 01720

Phone: (801) 495-2200

Fax: (801) 495-0280

Web: tachyonIQ.com

Code BV (EMEA)

Tolnasingel 1 2411 PV | Bodegraven The Netherlands

Phone: +31-172636867