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Up to $75 for each device!


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CR2700 Healthcare Scanner


We are excited to announce that we are now a replacement program for old Code brand readers, as well as Competitor wired, and wireless healthcare readers you have been using.

To thank you for your continued business, and to make the transition even more appealing,
we are offering you up to a $75 trade-in rebate for every old reader turned in
(this is any Code reader, competing companies code reader) with every new CR2700 purchased.

This ‘one-for-one’ trade in opportunity is of course, for a limited time (as most amazing things are ūüėÄ) and ends 5/31/2020.

Let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help.

Trade-in & Claim Rebate

Example Value of Trade-in Devices

Old Device Estimated Trade-in Value
Xenon 1900h – Wired $25
SG20 – Wired $25
Xenon 1900h – Wireless $75
SG20 – Wireless $75
Xenon Extreme Performance 1952-bf – Wireless $75
Xenon Extreme Performance 1950h & 1952h – Wireless $75
DS4600 Series – Wireless $75
DS9900 Series – Wired $25
DS8100-HC – Wireless $75
Symbol CS4070-HC – Wireless $75
Gryphon 4500 – Wireless $75
Gryphon GBT4102-HC – Wireless $75
The GM4102-HC – Wireless $75
RIDA DBT6400 – Wireless $75
Code CR2600 $75
CR1500 $75