Trade-Up-Grade Your Old Scanners Today.

Your Carts Will Thank You Later.

Have you been wanting to make the upgrade to Code scanning technology for your team’s workflow? Now would be a perfect time! By taking advantage of this awesome trade-in deal we help pay the bill!

Turn in any old Code reader or for that matter even a reader from one of our competitors! We want to see your team working with the best technology available and that means a Code upgrade. The physical condition doesn’t matter, trade in deal is 1 for 1 so gather together your outdated or damaged devices and receive $25 for every new CR1500 or $75 for every new CR2600! The rules are below if you have additional questions just simply reach out to your sales manager.

So you might be asking yourself, how does this promotion work?


Your rebate is just 3 steps away:

1. Purchase your new CR1500 and/or CR2600 equipment

2. Send your old equipment into Code and fill out the RMA process form  (doesn’t matter the make, model, working or not!)

3. Code issues you a rebate! (1 new device + 1 traded in device = $$$ and repeat!)

By completing the form above you are just giving us a heads up that you are wanting to participate in the trade-in program. This will ensure we are able to match up your incoming shipment of trade-ins (#2) to your new order (#1) from the steps above.

Fine Print:

One trade in reader + one purchased reader = rebate. Trade in readers are returned through Code’s RMA process. Offer cannot be combined with any other promotion or discounted pricing. Promotion subject to change at any time. Offer valid in the US. End User Promotion. Promotion ends March 30, 2019.