CortexDecoder now gives Healthcare mobile users the long-awaited feature of reading barcodes using only the camera on their mobile devices, eliminating the need for additional dedicated barcode scanning hardware. Experience the same decoding power found in Code’s handheld barcode readers with CortexDecoder. Fill out the form below to be paired with a soft-scanning expert that will be able to answer all your integration questions.

Soft-scanning promotes easy upgrades Easily Upgradable

By using iOS devices instead of traditional hardware, there are more device choices as well as faster and quicker upgrade cycles. Let’s be honest, everyone loves their iOS devices!

Training made easy with mobile barcode scanningTraining Made Easy

The beauty of mobile barcode scanning is that everyone is already familiar with their mobile devices and instinctively know how to use them. Dedicated scanning hardware requires extensive training, CortexDecoder for your EHR scanning barely requires any at all.

Code Support continually goes above and beyondCode Support

 Code is known for its first-class customer support, and with CortexDecoder for mobile device scanning you receive the perk of having access to Code’s sales and support team every step of the way!