Did you know that mobile soft scanning is now available in healthcare?

Adding to an already impressive, market-leading healthcare product portfolio–Code is excited to deliver the industry’s first software-based (SaaS) mobile decoding solution.

Code’s latest technology upgrade integrates its premier bundle of decoding algorithms offering healthcare teams the mobile device flexibility they want while keeping the enterprise-grade zero-miss mobile scanning performance they need.

Does your HIS offer a mobile app solution? Have they integrated barcode scanning? For many, zero-miss scanning performance is now available by simply using the camera on your mobile device. This scanning solution can easily handle even the most difficult barcodes scanning scenarios. Try it out for yourself and discover the efficiency upgrade that goes hand-in-hand with your overall cost savings by shedding the scanning sled!


HIS-HEALTCARE-mobile-barcode-scanningCORTEXDECODER-EPICROVER-06CortexDecoder for Epic Rover now gives Rover users the long-awaited feature of reading barcodes using only the camera of their Apple iOS devices, eliminating the need for additional dedicated barcode scanning hardware. Experience the same zero-miss decoding power found in Code’s handheld barcode readers with CortexDecoder.

Epic is among the first of the major HIS vendors to offer software-driven decoding. After previously releasing a limited function decoder option a few years ago, Epic learned that mission-critical healthcare environments need the best decoding software on the market.

Code, and its powerful decoding software technology are excited to be the only iOS provider for this soft-scan feature within Rover (CortexDecoder for Epic Rover) supporting healthcare professionals worldwide. 

  • Users must have Rover 6.0 or higher and Epic Server 2017 or higher or may sandbox test in Rover
  • Soft-scanning with Epic Rover is currently only available for use with Apple iOS devices.

CortexDecoder for AllScripts Sunrise UsersCortexDecoder for Allscripts delivers Sunrise users the eagerly anticipated and also long-awaited feature of mobile barcode scanning for iOS and Android devices. Exclusively sold through Allscripts, Sunrise customers can now receive the enterprise-grade scanning solutions they need for any workflow without the additional hassle or cost from scanning sleds or dedicated scanning hardware. Interested?

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Soft-Scanning Technology Innovating Healthcare

Not only is utilizing mobile barcode scanning software in healthcare workflows more efficient, it also will save a hospital money overall compared to scanning sleds!

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Software is the Key

Barcode scanners are only as good as the decoding software that powers them–and not all decoding software is created equal. Code’s scanning software is enterprise-grade and can outperform the competition. Powering all of Code’s scanners, this software is unlike any other.

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The ‘RUSH’ to Mobile Workflow Optimization

Rush Medical was the first hospital to implement CortexDecoder for Epic Rover! Read about how mobile scanning fit into their workflow and about the overall experience below.

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Medicine icon

Bedside Point of Care

Bedside point of care—the process healthcare workers use to organize and dispense medications—is an integral part of any hospital stay. High-performing barcode scanning makes this workflow easier than ever. Now imagine using mobile scanning to chart and administer meds?
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Harsh cleaning agents

Need to Protect Your iOS Device?

Code’s healthcare grade cases easily withstand the chemical cleaner abuse found in the daily workflow. With PVC-free CodeShield™ plastics, hospitals can clean the case quickly and efficiently. For an added bonus, the CR4300N will extend the battery life of your device.
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Electronic Health Records

What if I Don’t Use Epic?

Good question! This feature is also available for Allscripts Sunrise, you just have to reach out to your Allscripts rep to get the scanning functionality! And if you don’t use either, we have more integrations on the horizon or CortexWedge is a barcode scanning keyboard that won’t call for difficult integrations.
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Customized Solutions–Happy to Help!

Code’s talented application engineering team can customize software to develop a self-contained barcode reading solution for quick and easy integration of barcoded data into any existing enterprise solution.
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Enterprise-Grade Mobile Barcode Scanning For Healthcare Has Arrived!

Code barcode scanning software solutions can be integrated into all areas of the healthcare environment. Code continues to outperform the competition optimizing workflows and scanning barcodes other brands simply can’t. Are you ready to mobilize your enterprise?

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