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The CortexWedge App turns your iOS mobile device into an enterprise-grade, camera-based barcode scanner. No integration needed—just download and scan! Get 50 FREE scans for evaluating the blazing speed and accuracy of CortexDecoder barcode reading. When you are ready, we have flexible licensing for all your barcode scanning needs.

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CortexWedge has the amazing power of the industry-leading CortexDecoder barcode scanning software behind every scan. CortexWedge turns your iOS device into an enterprise-grade barcode scanner without the need for additional hardware. With CortexWedge, you scan barcode information and add the decoded data into any form or text field.

Barcode data is scanned by the camera on your mobile device and decoded by our CortexDecoder algorithm, then directly inserted into any text field you choose.

  • Scan and decode a single barcode or multiple barcodes at once
  • Works seamlessly with any internal or 3rd-party apps
  • Scan directly into any web application, online form, or browser
  • Reduce data entry errors by scanning barcodes
  • Increase workflow efficiency
  • Scans any barcode symbology with near zero-miss efficiency
  • Enterprise-grade scan performance (low-light, blurry codes, reflective backgrounds, damaged codes, skewed codes, tiny codes and more)
  • Customized data configuration available

With CortexWedge selected as the active, full-access keyboard, you are ready to scan any barcode on any surface with ease. Can’t believe it could be that easy? Give it a try for yourself—download the app today. 

50 FREE scans provided—more available! If you need custom parsing or special instructions, call us today.

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All purchases are done through one of our many sales partner companies. Code is happy to help consult with you to determine the best partner for your specific needs, project detail and industry.

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