Code has barcode solutions for any industry. Where fast, accurate, and reliable scanning of even damaged barcodes makes the difference in quality patient care—for those that need a technology upgrade and the ability to scan barcodes others can’t…..

There is only Code.


public-safety-cr1000-barcode-scannersCode offers a full line of barcode scanners that are built to stand up to the fast-paced public safety & government environments. Available in tethered, presentation, and mobile form factors – there is a reader for every necessary functionality. Whether it is evidence tracking, DMV, ID parsing, there is a Code solution.

Barcode scanning can take a task of minutes down to seconds, and it has become a valuable asset to public safety processes and is now a fixture in cruisers, offices, courts, and elsewhere. Officers who have a barcode scanner in their cruiser can dramatically decrease their time-per-traffic-stop, which in turn can help keep them safe.

Consider these products for your government workflow:

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trade_show_peopleThere are many aspects of hospitality where barcode scanning will increase efficiency and save time and money. Code readers thrive in all different environments and industries, and it hospitality is no different.

Bars, restaurants, and convenience stores can implement a zero-miss Code scanner to verify age of patrons, scan loyalty cards, parse ID information, and check guests out. Code’s CR5000 can quickly and accurately scan any ID card and verify age straight through the reader.

For event management, a Code scanner can quickly and reliably scan the barcode of each attendees ticket. It will easily identify fraudulent tickets, and when tickets are on a mobile device screen a Code solution will read it no problem.

Consider these products for your hospitality workflow:

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Populate loyalty program forms, in-store credit applications and more, with Code’s driver license parsing applications.

Code barcode readers are built on a JavaScript platform, which has allowed our Application Engineers to develop patented applications that control the logic of how barcoded data is processed, encrypted, displayed and then inputted into enterprise solutions.

The programming versatility of Code barcode readers, allows them to parse data from all barcoded government-issued identification to quickly populate forms to eliminate data entry errors and enhance the customers’ experience.

Consider these products for your data parsing needs:

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Seed-2-SaleCode was one of the first industries to step into the cannabis industry. As the industry continues to grow so do state and federal regulations. From seed to sale, the barcode will be your ticket of compliance and Code has your back. At Code, we specialize in real workflow data capture solutions. What does this mean? It means our barcode scanners outperform the competition in “real” working environments.

Growing is the most rugged and dirty part of the seed to sale process. Soil can stick to tags and barcodes and make things difficult for scanning and tracking, but a Code barcode reader will scan even the damaged, dirty barcodes with ease.

Production and tracking are imperative parts of the seed-to-sale workflow. Code readers will track inventory, your production process, and can easily be integrated with most any systems and databases.

In the dispensary there are a few factors to consider. You will need scanning for checkout purposes, for age verification, for inventory tracking, for data parsing, etc. Code’s cannabis solutions are here to help!

Consider these products for your seed-to-sale workflow:

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Public Safety Workflows & Code

With the right equipment, police officers and other public safety professionals can automate and simplify their processes, which allows them to get out of harm’s way faster. Read all about how Code helps keeps officers safe below.

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Seed-to-Sale Scanning Journey

Code’s extensive line of industry-trusted scanning solutions can immediately replace many of your inefficient processes with a single barcode scanning device. In an industry where regulations can make or break your process, you need reliable tracking. Read about Code and cannabis below.

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The Power to Thrive in Any Industry

Code readers have the best decoding software powering them, that is why they can survive and thrive in a mixed bag of industries. Read about the decoding behind the scanners below.

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Code Cannabis Seed to Sale Solutions

Keeping Up with Constant Change

The cannabis industry is constantly changing, whether it be the laws, the states, the regulations, there seems to be something new every day. How can you keep up? With Code!
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out of the box scanning

Out of Box Scanning

Code readers can be quickly setup and used right out of the box, making sure you have no downtime in your workflow with difficult configurations and settings. Code readers can also make switching between systems easy as 1. 2. 3.
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bluetooth scanning

How to Have Bluetooth Scanning

The T500 enables select Code wired barcode readers to communicate to virtually any mobile device, including iPads, Galaxy Tabs, and Windows Surfaces along with other devices that lack the USB and RS232 ports found on legacy PC-based POS systems.
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customized data parsing solutions

Customized Solutions–Happy to Help!

Code’s talented application engineering team can customize Code readers to develop a self-contained barcode reading solution or a JavaScript application for quick and easy integration of barcoded data into any existing enterprise solution.
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Retail - Code Barcode Scanners
Retail - Code Barcode Scanners
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Our Decoding Technology Is The Difference

Code barcode reading solutions can be integrated into all areas of any environment. Code readers continue to outperform the competition optimizing workflows and scanning barcodes other brands simply can’t. Looking for a reader designed, engineered, and created for improving workflows? Then that would be Code.

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