We understand that scanning doesn’t always need to come in the form of a handheld scanner. For instances where you just want the scanning power without the housing, Code’s line of small, high-performance scan engines is perfect for your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications. Our OEM solutions can be integrated into mobile or fixed applications, making it easy to find a solution that’s right for you.

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OEM laboratory diagnostic scan modules Code’s scan engines combine advanced imaging technology with features that are ideal for the healthcare environment. The patented anti-glare technology, dual-field optics and snappy reading of all 1D and 2D barcodes are why Code is a technology leader in this environment. These engines are compact and sized ideally to be integrated into multiple medical OEM product platforms.

If you have a OEM devices in your medical labs, you need scanning that you can trust. Every scan in healthcare is mission critical, which is why you need Code.

Consider these products for your healthcare workflow:

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self-serve-kiosks-code-scan-modulesCode’s OEM solutions allow people to enter your event, buy their groceries, or redeem their coupons with ease. Customers can scan and go quickly and easily, which will make them happier and make your business run smoother.

The aggressive decoding capabilities of Code’s scan engines are unmatched in scanning performance directly from mobile devices, as well as dense and damaged barcodes. The motion detection, continuous scan, and omnidirectional features combined with the compact size make Code scan engines ideal for self-service kiosks and terminals.

Consider these products for your kiosks and vending:

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oem-mobile-terminalsHave a mobile computer system that could use built-in, high-performing scanning? Code’s aggressive scan engines may be small in size, but they are huge in functionality.

For integration, a variety of mounting options are available including tabs, blind through holes, and mounting brackets for both the scan engine and the decode board. Code engines draw significantly less current and get into and out of its low power state faster than any other imaging-based scan engine. These two items are critical when integrating the engine into a mobile device, better power management from the imager equates to longer battery life for mobile devices.

Consider these products for your mobile terminal:

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Code’s OEM Solutions

Code’s scanning performance is unparalleled. In devices you are building/creating you need scanning that you can trust to do the work with zero-miss accuracy. Read about Code’s OEM solutions below.

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Automatic Security in Healthcare

symplr with the help of Code created an automatic vendor credentialing solution that will check-in vendors coming onto and leaving a hospital’s premises. Security is a huge concern in healthcare, and this kiosk is safety win.

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What Powers Code’s OEM Solutions?

How can Code’s tiny scan engines still scan any and every barcode with lightening speed and precision? The power is in the decoding software. Read more about this below.

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Track, Trace and Verify Lab Samples

Code’s OEM solutions can be integrated into machines that may be used in a hospital’s lab. Automatically and accurately check medication to simplify this area of your workflow.
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Glare Reduction Technology

Code’s OEM solutions can outperform the competition. How you ask? With patented glare reduction technology. When using a kiosk, vending machine, self-checkout, etc. it is important that barcodes on mobile devices scan quickly and reliably. Our glare reduction technology helps with that.
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Advanced JavaScript Programming

Code’s OEM solutions are built on a JavaScript platform that allows users to quickly program and incorporate data into solutions. It is very easy to integrate and use and allows for limitless configurations.
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Customized Solutions–Happy to Help!

Code’s talented application engineering team can customize Code readers to develop a self-contained barcode reading solution or a JavaScript application for quick and easy integration of barcoded data into any existing enterprise solution.
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Our Decoding Technology Is The Difference

Code OEM solutions can be integrated into all areas with ease. Code’s scanning continues to outperform the competition optimizing workflows and scanning barcodes other brands simply can’t. Looking for an engine designed, engineered, and created for improving OEM workflows? Then that would be Code.

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