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For 75% of barcode scanning pretty much any barcode scanner will work.

But for those where fast, accurate, and reliable scanning of even damaged barcodes makes the difference in quality patient care; for those that need the ability to scan where others simply can’t…

There is only Code.


Epic Rover Code PartnershipMedication errors have been identified as one of the largest safety issues in healthcare. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services estimates that more than 770,000 injuries and deaths occur each year as a result of Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) or medication errors in hospitals.

Code is an innovative leader in integrating barcode reading technology into medication administration processes. By electronically matching a drug to patient information through barcoded data prior to administration, clinical productivity, patient safety and quality of care are improved. Today POC workflows are increasingly going mobile with integrated scanning as part of their electronic health records system. Code’s CortexDecoder was the first integrated soft-scanning solution to kick off this mobile revolution. 

Built on a JavaScript platform, Code readers can be quickly configured to work with both enterprise and proprietary Health Information Systems such as: AllScripts (Eclypsis), Epic, Cerner, CPIS, McKesson, Meditech, Siemens, and QuadraMed.

Consider these products for your healthcare workflow:

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Code Barcode Readers decode white barcodesMEDICAL SUPPLY TRACKING

In a healthcare setting, there are countless medical supplies coming in and out every single day. Tracking that inventory is paramount to ensure that the supplies that are needed are always on hand. Code healthcare scanners are the key to your supply tracking needs.

Are your disposable gloves almost out of stock? Need more syringes or hand sanitizer? Setting up a barcode solution with Code can help your hospital maintain a seamless supply chain and workflow. Code’s healthcare scanners are built with PVC-free disinfectant-ready CodeShield® plastics, so sterilization is never an issue. Check out the supply tracking scanners below.

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track-trace-lab-samples-code-healthcareWhen working with blood, lab cultures, or other specimens, mix-ups can be deadly. When tracking lab samples it is important that the samples are tracked through their entire journey. Using barcode tracking significantly reduces the chances of a potentially hazardous mixup.

Additionally, it is crucial to use sterile equipment in these processes to avoid cross-contamination. Code’s CodeShield® plastics can be disinfected by the industry’s harshest chemicals making sterilizing a Code scanner is a breeze and won’t damage any of the electronic components. Your lab can work with assurance it is protected and operating at peak efficiency.

Check out the lab workflow solutions below:

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data-capture-pharma-code-technologiesScanning barcodes on medications is a very involved process. It is necessary to utilize a scanner that can read every barcode thrown at it, on any surface. Drug barcodes can include multiple pieces of information like expiration dates, lot numbers, and the FDA-required National Drug Code (NDC).

Code scanners read all barcode symbologies (even multiple at the same time) and are easily fit into pharmacy work-spaces to scan medication as it leaves. The information on medication labels can then be tracked and read with confidence never worrying if you’ll be able to scan the barcode and get all the information you need when you need it. Code scanners and decoding technology continue to read barcodes that other’s simply can’t.

Check out the scanners that can be used in your pharmacy application below:

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Healthcare-Admin-data-capture-code-technologiesA hospital, like any other company, has administrative tasks that need to be completed. Checking patients, vendors, and doctors in and out, payroll, insurance, and the list goes on and on. In a high traffic field like healthcare, it is important to have scanners that are built to keep up.

Code offers scanners that can parse ID and driver license information, omnidirectionally scan any barcode—in any condition, and can read in low-light or situations with high glares. A Code reader will make sure that healthcare admin tasks are always on track. It is time to automate administrative workflow processes to eliminate data entry errors.

Consider these products for your administrative workflow:

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CR4300 Healthcare use caseMobile technology is advancing more and more every day. Nurses and clinicians are now finding it beneficial to use mobile devices on the job more for charting, scanning, calls, peer-to-peer messages, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a case that protects mobile devices from the harsh medical disinfectants and extends battery power? Code has you covered with PVC-free CodeShield® plastics, Dragontrail™ glass screen protector, and battery backup that doubles phone battery life.

If mobile barcode scanning becomes part of the workflow, that is no problem. CortexDecoder is a decoding software that after integration turns iOS devices into an enterprise-grade barcode scanner. CortexWedge App is a decoding keyboard application that will turn a mobile device into an enterprise-grade scanning mobile device without the need for integration.

Mobile Solutions:

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Code in Healthcare

Code is leading the healthcare industry in data capture solutions. When it comes to
durability, performance, and efficiency Code is the company to turn to. Read about all our healthcare workflow solutions below.

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Blood and Saline Bag Scanning

Blood and saline bag scanning are two complicated workflows in healthcare. Blood bags have 5, 6, or more barcodes printed on the front of them and scanners can find it hard to scan only the information that is needed from the few barcodes that need scanning. Saline bags have the white barcodes printed on the clear bags which is hard for basic scanners to pick up. Code can solve both workflow problems with ease.

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Bedside Point of Care

Point of care at the bedside is the most important workflow in a hospital. Patients need to feel safe and comfortable, and medication administration needs to run smoothly with no mistakes. Code knows bedside care.

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Breast Milk Code Module

Eliminate Expressed Breast Milk Administration Errors

With the volume of feedings delivered and the steps in handling EBM, hospitals understand the need for implementing a positive patient identification workflow to match EBM to both mother and child.
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Harsh cleaning agents

Harsh Chemical Cleaning–No Problem!

Code’s healthcare barcode readers easily withstand the chemical cleaner abuse found in the daily workflow. With Levels 1, 2 and new CodeShield® plastics, hospitals can quickly select the reader that best suits the usage environment based on cleaning agents required. Check out this white paper.
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Electronic Health Records

Track Lab Samples with Ease

In the healthcare industry, tracking, tracing, and verifying lab samples can be a complicated and vulnerable process. With the amount and variety of shipments moving in, out, and about hospitals and labs, ensuring that the correct samples get where they need to be and back again can be difficult and stressful.
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Customized Solutions–Happy to Help!

Code’s talented application engineering team can customize Code readers to develop a self-contained barcode reading solution or a JavaScript application for quick and easy integration of barcoded data into any existing enterprise solution.
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Code barcode reading solutions can be integrated into all areas of the healthcare environment. Code readers continue to outperform the competition optimizing workflows and scanning barcodes other brands simply can’t. Looking for a reader designed, engineered, and created for improving healthcare workflows? Then that would be Code.