For products that have our Real Time Clock (RTC) installed, there are two primary methods to set the RTC to your current date and time.

Method 1: Online Configuration Guide Generator

In a browser, navigate to

Select the product for which you will be setting the RTC.

If RTC is supported for this product, you will see an option in the table of contents to “View Real Time Clock Configurator”. Select this.

Here you can use the “Generate” option to display a barcode on screen with the current date and time. Scan this barcode to set the RTC, or select “Print” for the ability to print a PDF file for scanning on paper. Note: If you choose this option, the RTC will be set to the time that you generated the PDF. There is a possibility for time latency on the RTC with this option.

Method 2: CortexTools2®

If you have not installed CortexTools2 already, you can find the software download at Please make sure that you have the most recent version of CortexTools2 installed.

Connect the reader to your PC via USB or RS232 cable for tethered barcode readers, or CodeXML modems (external or charging stations with an embedded modem) for wireless barcode readers. For RS232 readers, you need to select the COM port to which the reader is connected.

Once a connection has been established, your reader name and serial number will appear in the CortexTools2 drop-down list.

Select the “Advanced” tab in CortexTools2.

Click the button “Set Time”. You should now see that the RTC on the reader has been set to the current date/time of your PC. Confirmation of this can be seen in the console feed in the lower section of the pane.