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Code Reader 5000

Below are a list of configuration options available for your product organized by category. Each configuration option will generate a QR code that your scanner can read that will allow you configure and update settings in your product. You can view the QR code individually by click on it's name and a pop-up will appear, or you can click on the checkbox next to each option and click on Generate PDF button to create a PDF that will contain a collection of QR codes that can be saved, emailed, or printed.




Select Configuration Options Value Reader Behavior

Set Lock PIN
(4-8 numeric characters)

Lock reader settings until unlock PIN provided

Unlock Reader and Clear PIN
Allows reader settings to be changed and clears PIN

Set Under Age


Set Over Age

Green LED

Set Real Time Clock (RTC)
- Sets RTC to current date and time


Code (Global HQ)

434 West Ascension Way | Suite 300 | Murray, UT 84123

Phone: (801) 495-2200

Fax: (801) 495-2202

Code Technology Center (TachyonIQ)

43 Nagog Park | Suite 215 | Acton MA 01720

Phone: (801) 495-2200

Fax: (801) 495-0280

Web: tachyonIQ.com

Code BV (EMEA)

Tolnasingel 1 2411 PV | Bodegraven The Netherlands

Phone: +31-172636867