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When you listen, we pay!

This opportunity puts our devices in your hands for free when you listen to a simple demo from us, but it also pays you to do so!



Who is eligible for this promotion?This promotion is intended for any potential end-user of Code products. It IS NOT intended for resellers 
How will I be paid?Awards will be paid via gift card, either physically via mail or electronically via email
When are the awards be processed?You will be paid after you complete, we expect this to be no more than around 45 days after the promo ends
Can this be combined with discount pricing/PEs?Yes!  Discounted pricing is for the end-users 
What product demos are eligible?A demo of current Code Hardware and Software are eligible

Terms & Conditions:

  • Each individual is only able to receive this promotion one time
  • Valid in the US & Canada only
  • Will be paid approximately 45 days after the end of the promotion
  • Can be combined with discounted pricing/PE's
  • Promo is subject to change at anytime
  • Supplies are limited
  • Promo ends December 31st, 2020

Questions? Contact Jen Vinson a
 [email protected] 
or 801-243-7397


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