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Get $10 cash for every CR1100 and $5 cash for every CR950 you sell through the end of September!



Who receives the SPIF?Our intent is for the reseller rep to directly receive the SPIF, but we happily comply with partner companies specific regulations
How will I be paid?Award amounts under $600 will be paid via e-gift card, amounts over will require a 1099 and be awarded a check
When are the payments processed?You will get paid after we confirm the deal with the Disty, around 45 days after the promo ends 9/30
Can this be combined with discount pricing/PEs?Yes!  Discounted pricing is for the end-users, these SPIFs are to reward reseller reps.
What SKU's are included in the promo?Any SKU for either the CR950 or the CR1100 can be submitted for this promo. (Yes, even the CR1100 Healthcare SKU's!)
How can I let you know I've sold qualifying product?When you have qualifying sales, all you need to do is register that particular sale by filling out the form here - https://www.codecorp.com/promo/
CR950 in a retail environment
CR1100 in use for public safety

Terms & Conditions:

  • No minimums or maximum amounts required, any size deal can be awarded
  • Valid in the US & Canada
  • SPIF will be paid 45 days after the end of the promotion
  • Can be combined with discounted pricing/PE's
  • Promotion is subject to change at anytime
  • Code defers to the individual reseller company's rules and requirements for permission to SPIF reseller sales representatives
  • Promotion ends September 30th, 2020

Questions? Contact Jen Vinson at [email protected] or 801-243-7397


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