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Dec 22 2014
Code Announces Support for ID Integration’s Barcode OS® Software Suite

Media Contact:
Leslie Titus Bryant, MDM
Corporate Marketing Manager
Office: (801) 987-7215

Code Announces Support for ID Integration’s Barcode OS® Software Suite
Breakthrough Technology Enhances Advanced Barcode Reading, Validation, and Inventory Tracking Capabilities

Salt Lake City, UT – December 22, 2014 – Code, an industry leader of advanced, image-based barcode readers announces partner support for ID Integration’s (IDI) new BarCode OS® software suite. BarCode OS®, combined with Code’s barcode reading technology, brings significant enhancements in productivity and security required for a wide range of industrial manufacturing applications. BarCode OS® makes barcode reading Simple, Smart, Secure!

IDI, a valued CodeAlliance partner, is a systems integrator with expertise in creating advanced barcode reading solutions used in manufacturing facilities and inventory management processes and applications in Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Retail, Pharmaceutical sectors and beyond.

"Code and ID Integration have a shared commitment to excellence,” says George Powell, Code’s President and CEO. "Our partnership allows us to not only showcase our individual proficiencies, but elevate our product offerings to create dynamic barcode reading solutions that meet unique workflow requirements.”

Primarily designed for military and aerospace asset tracking applications, IDI developed BarCode OS® to improve monitoring and validation of components with an Item Unique Identification (IUID), a mandatory 2D Data Matrix barcode mark, placed on Defense Department purchases to monitor inventory, service records, and the lifecycle of parts.

Relying on the programming versatility and capabilities of Code barcode readers, BarCode OS® eliminates the need for middleware by allowing users to configure and operate a Code reader via web-based applications. Compatible with Code’s complete product line, users can select the preferred reader form factor, including the CR3600 a wireless Bluetooth barcode reader with color screen and keypad for direct data input and instant visibility to scanned data.

Additional features of the BarCode OS® software suite provide a powerful and cost effective solution that makes next generation barcode scanning simple, smart, and secure. In brief, BarCode OS® enhances barcode reading by enabling the following:
  • Best plug and play experience; includes locking reader configuration which virtually eliminates the need for IT support in the field
  • Easy configuration with web browser portal for Code barcode readers
  • World's only built-in firewall protects against malicious OS commands, by default, keeping important systems safe and secure
  • Advanced Modules feature the complex data parsing and filtering capabilities of Code readers, in addition to out-of-the-box data validation and error reporting for UID marks
  • Smart-Foto utility enables fully automated image capture with auto-filenaming right from the Code barcode reader and facilitates a fast and accurate method for automation of nameplate image capture in the field
"We pursued a partnership with Code because of their reputation for producing advanced barcode readers with sophisticated technologies,” says ID Integration’s Founder and President Gary Moe. "Code’s products align perfectly with our innovations and include the components that optimize BarCode OS® functionality.”

Code barcode readers, combined with ID Integration’s BarCode OS® software suite, offers a well-rounded set of features that address not only military applications, but also delivers an enhanced barcode reading solution that facilitates more accurate asset tracking throughout the healthcare, automotive, electronics, transportation, and retail markets.

For more information about BarCode OS® please visit

For more information on Code barcode readers and becoming a CodeAlliance partner, please visit


About Code
Code is a technology leader in the design, development and manufacture of the latest generation of image-based barcode readers. Using advanced high-definition and multi-resolution optics, coupled with cabled and wireless communication options, including Bluetooth®, our product suite is ergonomically designed to expedite data collection tasks and enhance productivity for the mobile worker. The Code product line is used in critical applications within healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, transportation, retail and a range of other diverse industries.

Code provides reading and decoding of all open barcode symbologies. In addition, Code also offers its proprietary GoCode® symbology for secured data applications. Code's worldwide headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, USA, and has regional headquarters in China, Singapore and The Netherlands. For more information, visit

About ID Integration, Inc.
ID Integration possesses over 20 years of experience serving as the leading integrator of direct part marking systems for the U.S. Department of Defense and aerospace industry. The company incorporates scanning systems and equipment into ongoing processes to permanently mark parts with machine-readable barcodes. ID Integration specializes in Item Unique Identification and software solutions that read data through network or web-based applications. ID Integration is located in Mukilteo, Wash. For more information about ID Integration, visit