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Feb 08 2006
Volume Shipment of High Density Matrix Barcode Reader 3.0
Media Contact:
Kerri Brand
Director of Marketing
Office: (801) 495-2200
Cell: (801) 859-2913

Volume Shipment of High Density Matrix Barcode Reader 3.0

Salt Lake City, UT
- February 8, 2006 - Code Corporation announced volume shipments of its Code Reader 3.0 (CR3) - released in September 2005 - to the healthcare industry.

"Code has completed manufacture and field trials of its latest model reader, and has begun shipping several high volume customer orders of the CR3. Our distributors and their downline customers have eagerly awaited the arrival of these remarkable readers," James Bagley, vice president of sales and marketing for Code Corporation, said.

The CR3 establishes a new benchmark for Portable Data Terminals and Hand Held Computers by combining the industry's best imaging technology, a rugged keyboard and a graphic display. The end product is the smallest and lightest full-featured barcode reading terminal on the market. Using the same ergonomic and communications platform with proven Bluetooth wireless technology as the highly successful Code Reader 2.0, the CR3 now adds mobile keyboard input, display information and user prompts.

The CR3 instantly reads high density matrix symbols (two-dimensional barcode) through Code's proprietary Dynamic Optimization Technology (DOT). This feature is essential to supporting barcode point-
of-care (BPOC) and electronic medication administration reporting (eMAR) processes in the health care industry. DOT continuously adapts its imaging capability, essentially making the reader become smarter with use. Supporting Radio Frequency communications, Code also recently introduced its latest generation of the CodeXML Bluetooth Modem. The new modem supports all connectivity options including USB, RS-232 and PS/2 interfaces.

Included as part of the CR3 reader, Code's proprietary firmware eliminates the need for costly, high-overhead operating systems. Its open platform JavaScript development environment is contained within the CodeXML Applications Development Suite. This companion product allows users to generate specific applications without using programming barcode, including data collection applications such as: the design of menus and input screens; control of scanning and keypad entry; use of look-up tables to validate input; and the sending of data to and from the CR3.

"The combination of technology components housed in the CR3 uniquely enables it to support new initiatives in hospitals, like eMAR," commented Bagley.

About Code Corporation

Code Corporation designs, develops and manufactures automatic identification and data collection devices, accessories and application enablement systems. Code's compact portable products provide 'plug and play' input of data from barcodes and advanced 2D symbols. Cordless systems utilize enhanced Bluetooth® radios. Code provides reading and decoding of all open barcode symbologies. While committed to open symbology support, Code also offers its proprietary GoCode symbology for secured data applications. Code's worldwide headquarters are located in the Salt Lake City, Utah metropolitan area. For more information, go to: