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Sep 05 2013
2013 - August / September Channel Newsletter
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Industry Solutions
Event Management
San Antonio, TX
Sept. 9th - 11th

Pharmacy Forum 2013
Newport Beach, CA
Sept. 15th - 17th

Denver, CO
Sept. 16th - 18th

CodeAlliance MobileCodeAlliance Mobile is designed with our partners in mind! Now Code resellers can have ‘on the go’ access to the latest Partner News, including sales, marketing, promotions, and product information.

In a user-friendly mobile app, we deliver valuable information designed to increase your Code product knowledge and support you in delivering barcode reading solutions that will expand revenue and profit opportunities. CodeAlliance Mobile is available through your mobile device app store. You must be a registered Code partner to access CodeAlliance Mobile - so sign up today!

ScanSourceEffective August 1st, ScanSource started to distributed Code’s entire product line. The ScanSource sales team is committed to providing and support our resellers need to be successful in offering Code products. For additional information, please contact or your ScanSource sales representative.

The CR1000 features the aggressive scan engine that Code has become known for in an innovative, ergonomic, compact and lightweight design that takes up limited workspace without compromising barcode reading performance.

With features like in-stand reading, motion detection, full omnidirectional reading and a snappy scan engine, the CR1000 is an ideal reader for integration into retail, healthcare, kiosk environments and where a limited workspace exists and robust reading is needed.

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