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Jun 28 2013
2013 - June Channel Newsletter
Code Corp
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International Industrial Machinery Exhibition (IIME)
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
July 17th-18th, 2013
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Las Vegas, Nevada
August 5th-7th

CR2600The Code Reader™ 2600 (CR2600) is the next generation of barcode readers in Code’s product line. The CR2600 combines the patented feature rich technologies Code has become known for, in a new ergonomic design that sets a new standard in barcode reading technology.

Available in handled or palm format, the CR2600 is a rugged, versatile reader that can be deployed throughout healthcare, retail, manufacturing, government applications, and more to quickly and reliably parse data from 1D and 2D barcodes.

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Retail SolutionsCode barcode readers have been designed to maximize productivity in a retail environment. With a focus on quick scanning and durability, Code barcode reading solutions can easily be integrated into all point-of-sale solutions.

Code offers a full line of tethered and wireless readers that are compact, rugged, and feature a high performance scan engine that makes 1D and 2D barcode reading extremely fast and reliable. Code barcode readers have significantly reduced power requirements, thus limiting the battery drain on POS systems and reducing overall costs when deployed throughout an operation. Additionally, Code readers are designed to be ready to use, right out of the box for seamless integration to any POS system, network and information system.

To further enhance customer service and increase efficiency, Code readers can be used as either a hand-held scanner or in hands-free mode, and are compact and lightweight enough to be carried continuously on the retail floor or warehouse.

We Provide SolutionsBuilt on a JavaScript platform, Code barcode readers can quickly be configured to meet the demands of any industry application. Our talented application engineering team can develop self-contained solutions or develop JavaScript applications for quick and easy integration of Code readers into any existing enterprise solution - typically at no additional charge to the customer. Additionally, the JavaScript platform allows our partners to create their own protected value add applications - It's what sets us apart. Each customer has a unique application need, some require little application engineering time, others require more, but whatever the needs are we'll help you seamlessly integrate Code readers into your customer’s workflow processes.

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