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Mar 27 2013
2013 - March Channel Newsletter
Code Corp
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The unSUMMIT 2013
The 8th Annual unSUMMIT
for Bedside Barcoding
April 24 - 26, 2013
Orlando, Florida

CR900FDThe CR900FD is an entry-level, area imaging barcode reader with flexible decoding capabilities. The CR900FD features full omnidirectional reading of standard 1D barcodes, and gives users the option to upgrade to 2D or stacked barcode reading – and now for a limited time – users can receive up to a $30 instant rebate on a CR900FD and 2D barcode reading license! Making the CR900FD more affordable than ever. For complete rebate information, contact us at

CodeCode will soon be releasing a solution for customers wishing to enjoy the benefits of wireless data collection with their iOS and Android devices! Without modifying existing applications or installing software, Code’s CR2600 barcode reader can be paired with both iOS and Android devices using a Bluetooth connection to securely and reliably transmit barcoded data. For availability, contact us at

Dual-Field OpticsCode barcode readers are equipped with a patented Dual-Field Optics design that expands the reading range of the imager by providing two unique fields of view, a high-density field and a wide angle field, in one device. This gives users a single device, that will intuitively know which field should be used to read either in very wide or very small dense barcodes. Having these two optical fields in the same reader allows users to have the versatility needed to seamlessly change applications without changing barcode readers.

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