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Mar 12 2013
2013 - February / March Channel Newsletter
Code Corp
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Industry Solutions
Event Management
HIMSS Annual Conference
Booth #6813
March 3rd - 7th, 2013
Ernest N. Morial Conv. Center
New Orleans, LA

CR2600 Wi-FiCode recently announced plans to launch its newest offering, the CR2600 Wi-Fi, this spring.

The Code Reader™ 2600 available in Bluetooth and now Wi-Fi versions give users the flexibility to select a mobile barcode reading solution that best fits their present and future needs. The Code Reader™ 2600 Wi-Fi version will allow businesses to increase coverage range that were once restricted to Bluetooth, enabling real-time communication over existing Wi-Fi networks. To view a demo of the CR2600 Wi-Fi, visit us in booth #6813 at HIMSS, March 4-6.

B5 Quad-Bay Battery ChargerCode welcomes the new CR2600 B5 Quad-Bay Battery Charger to our product line. The CR2600 B5 charges up to 4 B5 batteries (the battery used with the CR2600) simultaneously, each compartment has an LED indicator to display charge status and the battery cartridges have 4 LED lights. It's so simple that with a push of a button, you can see what the battery life is. This product is currently only available for CR2600 batteries.

CodeWith the opening of a service and support center in Barcelona we have vastly expanded our presence in Europe. The service center supports Code’s complete product line and to fully support these products in the most efficient way possible, the center is reinforced by Code’s global headquarters in Utah when needed. This uniform approach creates a broad spectrum of service availability and rapid response times for customers.

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