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Jan 29 2013
2013 - January Channel Newsletter
Code Corp
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March 3rd - 7th, 2013
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CodeWhen you think about your business, what aspects are crucial to its success? Do inventory levels and records keep you up at night? Are you sweating over quality control or turnaround time? A device that can help alleviate these concerns should be crucial to any business. Barcode readers are viewed by most as a single-use device that reads and transmits barcode data found on product packaging and labels. Although this yawn-worthy definition fits most barcode readers on the market, Code barcode readers are engineered to out-perform, out-read and outshine the competition. Code has developed barcode readers than scale every obstacle—from poorly printed, oversized or small barcodes—to ones printed on shiny and curved surfaces.

Code’s barcode readers should be a key component in any business’ inventory control process. Simplify your supply chain and distribution management process with a customized Code barcode reader. To find out how Code’s barcode readers can help build your company’s success, please read the following white paper.


The Code Reader™ 2600 (CR2600) is the next generation of barcode readers in Code’s product line. The CR2600 combines the patented feature rich technologies Code has become known for, in a new ergonomic design that sets a new standard in barcode reading technology.

Watch the CR2600 IP65+ dunk test video and witness the 7th time the reader is submerged under water for 10 seconds.

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