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Sep 15 2012
2012 - September Channel Newsletter
Code Corp
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About Code
About us
Code is committed to helping channel partners deliver complete barcode reading solutions. Our application engineering team offers custom programming at no additional charge to ensure your customer's scanning application meets their requirements.
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About UsCode is a technology leader in the latest generation of 2D barcode reading systems. Built on a JavaScript platform, Code readers are highly configurable for integration into any enterprise or information system across all industries.

Streamline Customer Checkout

CR900FDThe CR900FD is an entry-level, retail POS imaging barcode reader with flexible decoding capabilities, at a laser scanner price. Out of the box, the CR900FD provides omnidirectional reading of standard 1D symbologies and can be quickly upgraded to 2D barcode reading with a license key, when the time is right.

CR900FD Features:
  • High speed, omnidirectional reading of 1D barcodes
  • Future proof investment with upgradeability to read Stacked barcodes and 2D barcodes with the purchase of a license key
  • Barcode reading off of mobile phone screens
  • Manual or automatic triggering
  • 2 programmable indicators: LED and audible tone
  • All-inclusive kits
  • CortexRM™ remote management ready

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Introducing the CR2600 Bar Code Reader!

CR2600Our newest barcode reader is the ideal fit for scanning applications in virtually any industry. The CR2600, is IP65 rated, available in palm or handheld and features durable quick-release, rechargeable battery cartridges. With the push of a button the newly designed battery cartridges accurately measures charge level and displays battery life using 4 LED fuel gauge indicators.

The CR2600 is easy to use, lightweight, and a high performing barcode reader that reads all 1D and 2D barcode symbologies.

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