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Jun 18 2010
2010 - Volume 2 Issue 2 - Newsletter
Volume 2 Issue 1
2nd Quarter 2010

In this issue:

• Product Launch

• Service Feature

• Upcoming Event

• New Website

Greetings from Code!

Code Corporation Releases the New Code Reader 8000™

Code Corporation announces the release of a new barcode reader, the Code Reader 8000 (CR8000). Designed for embedded applications, the CR8000 features a world-class imaging and decoding platform that meets demanding space requirements without compromising on barcode reading performance.


The CR8000 is easy to configure, comes with a free Software Development Kit and an optional mounting bracket. The CR8000 also has a JavaScript platform that makes it easy to set up your own application to meet your specific configuration and parsing rules.


"We are excited to bring the CR8000 to market", said George Powell, CEO and President of Code Corporation." The CR8000 has the fastest reading performance embedded compact barcode readers on the market; its performance is simply unmatched."

Like other Code Corpporation barcode readers, the CR8000 delivers fast and accurate barcode reading performance, while offering features not found in other readers. Code's glare reduction technology, bright LED aiming mechanism, and JavaScript platform make Code Corporation readers ideal for quick and easy integration into work flows and processes.

The CR8000 may be used in many applications such as kiosks, lottery applications, price-lookup terminals, medical/clinical devices, ATMs and manufacturing equipment.

For more information, please visit us at

Service Feature: CodeOne Upcoming Event: BMA Road Show

CodeOne is the outstanding level of service and support we give our customers.

Customers may choose from three levels of Service Plans: Standard, Plus, and Premier. Each of these three plans include a variety of service, support and time requirement options to meet the needs of our customers and to keep Code products running smoothly and efficiently.

If you have any questions about CodeOne Service Plans, contact

Code will continue its successful Bedside Medication Administration & Verification Road Show program in September 2010 in Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC.

To find out more information, or to receive an invite, please contact Code's Marketing Department at

Registration fills quickly so add your name to the invite list today!

Code Corporation Launches a New Website!

Code is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved website. We've been working to incorporate comments and feedback from our users to make the website more user-friendly and organized based on the tasks that were performed regularly. The website offers a fresh look and feel, additional product information, focuses on a customer’s needs and allows more personal interaction with our growing customer base.

The website offers users the following new features:

  • an easy to use quote system
  • self-service reseller portal for quick access to product photos and documentation
  • search capability of the website
  • Google™ Translate
  • and a Blog to interact with customers
Visit the new website today at