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Jun 01 2009
2009 - Volume 1 Issue 1 - Newsletter
Volume 1 Issue 1
2nd Quarter 2009
In this issue:

· News from Code

· Product Spotlight

· Distributor Info

· Reader Tip

Code Corporation has designed this newsletter as a tool to communicate information and valuable tips to our customers. It is our hope you will come to view the new Code Newsletter as a resource to help get the most of your Code product.

Code Offers 24-hour Customer Support

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service, Code has launched an online Knowledge Database and Advanced Support Portal, which will give 24-hour online support access to our customers.

The newly released Knowledge Database and Advanced Support Portal features indexed support solutions, frequently asked questions, maintenance and operating information on Code's barcode reader product lines.

To access the Knowledge Database and Advanced Support Portal visit our website at

New Product Spotlight

Code has introduced the new Universal Mountable Charger (UMC). The UMC is designed to hold and charge wireless versions of Code barcode readers equipped with a BH1 or BH2 Battery Handle.


The UMC features:

  • a slim design with small footprint for mobile carts and small countertops
  • has 2 drain holes quickly minimize potential damage from accidental liquid spills
  • has an LED charging status indicator
  • Hands-free reading functionality while in charging mode
  • User-friendly, angled-downward design avoids glare in user’s eyes
  • Optional weighted base
Code Products Available at BlueStar
Code Corporation has entered into a distribution agreement with BlueStar, a premier level distributor. This partnership expands upon the existing availability of Code products and the customer service that comes with the purchase of our products.
TIP: June is Be Kind to Your Bar Code Reader Month

by Garrett Russell

One of the common myths of barcode reading found at the end-user level is the belief that moving the reader closer to the barcode - or the product closer to the barcode reader - will improve read performance.

Well, this is not necessarily true. Barcode readers based on imaging technology (for the purposes of this tip, we’ll call them Barcode Imagers) are no different than the digital camera you purchase from a local retailer, with one exception, the majority of Barcode Imagers are "fixed focus” and your digital cameras are typically "auto focus”. Thus, while your digital camera can adjust to the location of the object on which it will focus, most standard Barcode Imagers do not.

Therefore, the product marketers and engineers design their products with the expectation that the certain sized barcodes will be within a specific range, called the "Depth-of-Field”. The sweet-spot, or ideal focal point, is likely several inches away from the face of the reader. A quick review of a Barcode Imagers data sheet usually provides this information.

In the case of Code’s CR2500 and CR3500, we have designed an aiming mechanism to assist you in finding this the Sweet-Spot. Simply guide the Amber colored square into the center of the Blue bar over the barcode you wish to scan. In addition, both products are equipped with Code’s dual-focus optical system which maximizes depth-of-field thus allowing the user to scan closer to the face of the unit. So the next time you think your reader is not performing up to your expectations, don’t smash the barcode into its face, be kind, move the reader away from the barcode and try again.