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Jan 05 2016
Breaking Good. New Meth-od for Solving Small Business Challenges.

Breaking Good.

New Meth-od for Solving Small Business Challenges.

How do small businesses make themselves shine in the shadow of large retailers? By getting inventive. From promotion to point-of-sale, innovating the way they engage customers can help SMB’s get consumers addicted.

Instead of using the same old technology, resellers can help their customers by offering creative new solutions. The checkout process is a perfect example. Clunky cash registers may functionally meet business requirements, but instead of screaming "cutting edge” or "cool”, they sit there quietly, taking up too much space and reeking of antiquity.

Unique consumer devices have changed the way people look at computing. Tablets are easy-to-use, streamlined computing devices that can take the place of the clunky cash register without draining the wallet. But for the most part, the peripheral options aren’t keeping pace with the computing changes. Resellers and business owners are left with little or no options.

Better Call Code…Code makes barcode readers.

Boring? Not the way we shake it up.

Code is never satisfied with the "same old thing” and constantly working on clever ways to solve customer problems. As tablets started becoming a viable option for point of sale use, there was one glaring issue: no ports. How were multiple peripherals going to get plugged into these tablets?

The barcode solution that many providers came up with was a battery-powered, wireless handheld reader. That’s…ok. It’s functional, but then saddles the retailer with battery costs that they really don’t need. So Code wondered, how could we connect but not have to add the cost of batteries…got it: what about a
wireless wire?

Well, kind of. Enter the T500. This flexible, Bluetooth® enabled cable works with multiple Code readers and is powered from a standard AC outlet. So now you have wireless communication to the tablet without the added expense of unnecessary batteries. Now that’s cool (well, we think so).

T500 Features:
  • Wireless communication without unnecessary battery cost
  • Interfaces to virtually any tablet
  • Compatible with a variety of Code readers
  • Simple Secure Pairing makes connection a snap
  • Low power consumption keeps energy costs down

Want a free sample of what we cooked up? Email and we’ll send you a free demo of a Code Reader and the T500 or visit us in booth 1027 at the NRF Retail's Big Show January 17-19 in NYC to see it in action.