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Jul 01 2015
Anti-Microbial Does Not Mean Disinfectant-Ready White Paper

Anti-Microbial Does Not Mean Disinfectant-Ready White Paper


Two facts are very clear in the medical field: equipment is expensive and it must stay clean. It naturally follows then that if purchased equipment cannot withstand the variety of harsh chemical cleaners used in hospital settings, it quickly goes from an investment aimed at bettering patient care to an expensive mistake.

Barcode readers have proven to be an invaluable resource in hospitals world-wide, but it can be a challenge finding devices that can complement each hospitals work environment while withstanding the harsh cleaning necessary for infection control.

For some, anti-microbial plastics would seem to be the cleanest solution; however, there are many misconceptions surrounding what anti-microbial plastics offer compared to disinfectant-ready plastics.

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