Reason 20: High temperatures degrade Lasers.

Reason 19: We read mobile coupons. (right out of the box)

Reason 18: Hospitals have made the switch from Laser to Imager, other verticals are starting to do the same.

Reason 17: You’ll NEVER have to call Code for an RMA on a Laser failure.

Reason 16: Cold temperatures can affect the mechanical motor in a Laser scanner.

Reason 15: Code provides better service. (When you call, we answer the phone. If we don’t, we will call you back)

Reason 14: We encourage a side by side comparison of our Imagers to Laser scanners.

Reason 13: Not all Laser scanners can read barcodes omnidirectionally...Imagers can do that all day long without even taking a break.

Reason 12: Our readers vibrate. (our competitors can’t say that)

Reason 11: Have you ever taken a picture with a Laser scanner?

Reason 10: Damaged or curved barcodes – our imagers read these, Laser scanners, ummm not so much.

Reason 9: Our readers see more. (dual-field optics. It’s like having x-ray vision)

Reason 8: Folks like staring at cameras, can’t say that about Lasers.

Reason 7: We read all barcodes. (when we say all, we mean all)

Reason 6: The life span of a Laser is much less than LEDs.

Reason 5: Code Imagers are a future proof investment.

Reason 4: An option to have flexible decoding at a flexible price.

Reason 3: Faster barcode reading. (fast, as in ridiculously fast)

Reason 2: No moving parts that can be worrisome when the unit is dropped.

Reason 1: Got Laser? It’s OK, Code can provide an economical path to upgrade you to an Imager.