New to 2.6.5: See Readme File.

Consider this the Swiss Army knife for your barcode readers. CortexTools® is a versatile program that delivers facility without sacrificing utility. This powerful program allows you to:

• Send configuration information to your Code Reader
• Create custom configuration barcodes
• Upgrade reader firmware
• Parse US driver licenses and military ID's
• Load customized Javascript applications
• Upload images to your PC
• ...and much more


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CortexMobile® SDK for IOS

Easily integrate the CR4405 or T500 into your mobile applications for iOS with the CortexMobile® SDK. This development kit gives you full access to reader functionality and, with the demo app source file, shows you how to control the reader, receive barcode data into your application, and even upgrade reader firmware.
To see the SDK in action see the CortexMobile® demo application at



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The CR4405 turns the iPhone® into an enterprise-grade barcode reader, making the transition to mobility easy. But even if you’re not moving all of your business applications mobile right away, the CR4405 can still be your all-in-one barcode reading device with CortexRelay®.
CortexRelay® is an iOS application that creates a Wi-Fi connection to a host computer running CortexWedge®. Barcode information is transmitted from CortexRelay® to CortexWedge®, translated to keyboard data, and entered into whatever program is running on your PC. With CortexRelay®, businesses with mixed workflows of mobile and PC applications can leverage the same reading device (CR4405 with iPhone®) throughout their enterprise.
A free (demo) version of CortexRelay® can be found at
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Download at


New to 2.3.0: CortexWedge® is now a stand-alone application.

CortexWedge® is a Windows application that connects to Code Readers via COM port or Wi-Fi, receives barcode data from connected readers, and translates the information to keyboard data that is entered into whichever application has focus. CortexWedge® works with Code Readers connected via:

• RS232
• USB Virtual COM
• Bluetooth Serial Port Protocol (SPP)
• Wi-Fi (CR4405 with iPhone® and CortexRelay®)


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JavaScript Reader SDK

Unlock the power of your Code Reader with JavaScript. Code has developed an advanced set of commands that give you more control over how your reader performs functions. With these kits, you can customize Code Readers to support your (or your customers’) specific workflows. Examples of applications developed with JavaScript include:

• Patient ID wristband parsing
• Age verification
• Inventory management
• Event management

Get started on your custom application today.


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