CodeXML® Router Bluetooth® Edition

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CodeXML® Router Bluetooth® Edition

The CodeXML® Router–BE software was designed to work with Code barcode readers connected via Bluetooth radio or cable (USB or RS232). CodeXML® Router software as two primary functions:

1) Easy Application Interfacing - CodeXML® Router-BE allows you to easily connect a Code barcode reader to serial or keystroke applications. If your application requires keystroke data, CodeXML® Router-BE will map data from a physical or virtual serial port to the keyboard port. If you are sending data from a reader to a Bluetooth adapter connected to a host computer, you may route the data to any Windows or Pocket PC application that accepts keystroke data (e.g. Word, Excel, and Notepad). CodeXML® Router Bluetooth Edition supports all Windows keyboard mapping options, ASCII characters, and function keys.

2) Reliable Bidirectional Data Transfer - If your application requires data packet confirmation, CodeXM®L Router-BE will monitor each radio communication to ensure that data is not lost inadvertently, even if a Code reader is taken out of range or loses radio communication.


CodeXML® Router – BE Datasheet
CodeXML® Router User Manual