Code Turns the iPhone® SE into an Advanced Barcode Reader

Designed to increase productivity and efficiency, the CR4405 converts the iPhone SE or iPhone 5S into a comprehensive mobile barcode reading solution ideal for deployment into industries that rely on high performing mobile devices. The CR4405 effortlessly handles the barcode reading challenges in a variety of applications in healthcare, retail, government, event management, and more.

The device’s rugged construction touts a protective coating for the iPhone touch-screen that tolerates heavy use, and maintains accessibility to all on-screen functions. This durable housing withstands harsh environments, and Code’s Level 2, disinfectant ready plastics can endure frequent cleaning with rigorous chemicals. The sled securely holds the phone in place to prevent damage or debris from reaching the device.

As with all of Code’s offerings, the sled encompasses a world-class decoding platform with superior barcode reading performance. It includes a software development kit to tailor scanner applications, and users can choose from several charging stations; including single-, quad-, and multi-bay stations with spare sled battery charging racks that can be conveniently mounted to the wall, or placed on the floor.

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Code Offers New Age Verification Solutions

The CR3600AV and CR5000AV are easy-to-use solutions that leverage Code’s unique knowledge of the marketplace and long-term relationships with government agencies to protect businesses from age verification infractions.
Both solutions can be configured to process numerous age restricted products with varied legal age requirements, and both products have been programmed to comply with the various state requirements for consumer data management.
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Code Signs M-S Cash Drawer as a New Distributor

The new partnership leverages the respective strengths of Code and M-S Cash Drawer in providing comprehensive barcode reading solutions to the retail sector.

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Code Releases CodeShield™, a New Healthcare Plastic

Code has released CodeShield™, it’s new innovative Level 3 disinfectant-ready healthcare plastic.

Code’s new plastics rating structure gives hospitals precise and meaningful information when selecting a Code barcode reading solution. Now with Levels 1, 2 or CodeShield™ (Level 3) designations, hospitals can quickly assess the type of chemical disinfectant each reader is designed to withstand.

Maintaining infection prevention requires frequent cleaning and disinfecting of devices. Commonly used healthcare disinfectants may contain chemical agents that can damage, or breakdown plastic housings, which can shorten product lifespan, void warranties, and leave hospitals with replacement costs.

While each reader in Code’s Level 1 and Level 2 healthcare portfolio feature disinfectant-ready plastics to withstand commonly used cleaners, CodeShield™ provides an additional level of resilience and protection against the most aggressive hospital-grade chemical cleaners and disinfectants necessary to combat pathogens, such as C.difficle and MRSA.
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Code Launches the CR5000, a Presentation Barcode Reader at NRF 2015

Built for versatility, the CR5000 is a compact, durable presentation barcode reader with flexible decoding capabilities. With a wide field of view and patented dual-field optics, it quickly reads 1D, 2D and postal barcodes from a variety of surfaces, including food packages, driver licenses, and mobile phone screens. An array of communication options extends the flexibility of the CR5000 by making it easy to interface with a wide range of hosts, including mobile POS devices.

Designed for retail and beyond, the CR5000 enables applications for admissions, loyalty/membership registration, mobile coupons, ticketing, price check stations, libraries and employee time card tracking. Regardless of the services being rendered, users can easily leverage a wide range of scanning solutions to meet their specific needs.

The CR5000 optimizes workflow with superior performance and reliability. Additional product features include: hands-free or manual triggering; reduced power consumption; rapid disconnect cables; programmable LED and audible tone good read indicators; and a lightweight and ergonomic design.

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Code Announces Support for ID Integration’s Barcode OS® Software Suite

BarCode OS®, combined with Code’s barcode reading technology, brings significant enhancements in productivity and security required for a wide range of industrial manufacturing applications. BarCode OS® makes barcode reading Simple, Smart, Secure!

IDI, a valued CodeAlliance partner, is a systems integrator with expertise in creating advanced barcode reading solutions used in manufacturing facilities and inventory management processes and applications in Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Retail, Pharmaceutical sectors and beyond.

Primarily designed for military and aerospace asset tracking applications, IDI developed BarCode OS® to improve monitoring and validation of components with an Item Unique Identification (IUID), a mandatory 2D Data Matrix barcode mark, placed on Defense Department purchases to monitor inventory, service records, and the lifecycle of parts.

Relying on the programming versatility and capabilities of Code barcode readers, BarCode OS® eliminates the need for middleware by allowing users to configure and operate a Code reader via web-based applications. Compatible with Code’s complete product line, users can select the preferred reader form factor, including the CR3600 a wireless Bluetooth barcode reader with color screen and keypad for direct data input and instant visibility to scanned data.

dditional features of the BarCode OS® software suite provide a powerful and cost effective solution that makes next generation barcode scanning simple, smart, and secure. In brief, BarCode OS® enhances barcode reading by enabling the following:

  • Best plug and play experience; includes locking reader configuration which virtually eliminates the need for IT support in the field
  • Easy configuration with web browser portal for Code barcode readers
  • World’s only built-in firewall protects against malicious OS commands, by default, keeping important systems safe and secure
  • Advanced Modules feature the complex data parsing and filtering capabilities of Code readers, in addition to out-of-the-box data validation and error reporting for UID marks
  • Smart-Foto utility enables fully automated image capture with auto-filenaming right from the Code barcode reader and facilitates a fast and accurate method for automation of nameplate image capture in the field
For more information about BarCode OS® please visit
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Code Launches New Extreme High Density Area Imagers for Manufacturing Applications

Designed with input from several of the world’s largest manufacturers, Code’s new XHD imagers were field tested in various production applications. Featuring a built-in macro lens and enhanced optical firmware platform, these extreme high density imagers are capable of reading 1D, 2D and laser-etched barcodes as small as 2mil. Combined with Code’s patented glare reduction technology and aggressive decoding platform, the XHD readers excel in reading low contrast and marks on mirrored surfaces. XHD functionality is available in the CR1000, CR1400, and CR2600 products.

Additional product features include: extended battery life and rapid charge times; multiple programmable buttons for added workflow efficiency; lightweight, ergonomic, and durable designs; and multiple communication interfaces that included USB, RS232 and Bluetooth to promote workflow versatility. The XHD series is an addition to Code’s existing line of manufacturing readers that includes the CR3600 DPM and CR6000.

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Discover the CR6000

In tough environments, a tool you can rely on

Versatile and efficient, the CR6000 is the essential barcode reader for high-traffic manufacturing operations within challenging environmental conditions. The industrial grade direct part mark (DPM) imager from Code, effortlessly reads etched, embossed, dot peen, low-contrast and postal barcodes.

Designed with multiple illumination fields, the CR6000 intuitively selects the field that is the most efficient at reading each barcode type. This results in quick and accurate data collection from hard to read surfaces, damaged barcodes, and those that are smudged, dirty or even caked with debris.


Features and Benefits

  • Reads laser-etched and dot peen markings
  • Reads color and low-contrast barcodes
  • IP54 housing securely protects against dust and debris
  • Small form factor for operator comfort
  • Integrated metal clip or hook holder for ease of placement and retrieval
  • User feedback with programmable LED, audible tone and vibrating good read indicators
  • Operates hands-free or handheld
  • Compatible with Code’s CortexTools™ software configuration utility
  • Data editing and parsing with JavaScript
  • Optional stand


Optimizing Business Processes with the CR6000

  • Accurately track and trace components in a variety of industrial applications
  • Enhance productivity within the production process
  • Range of features that improve operator feedback and the ergonomics of the work station


Low Total Cost of Ownership

Whether tracking a component through the production process, monitoring the entire life cycle of a time limited part or complying with track and trace legislation, the CR6000 is the ideal DPM reader providing advanced technology in a form factor that is designed for purpose and at low cost of ownership.

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Supply Chain Management with the CR3600 DPM Reader

With many organizations adhering to a lean manufacturing philosophy, keeping track of inventory has never been more important. The CR3600 DPM provides the ideal solution. It bring user mobility with its Bluetooth® embedded wireless communication, and flexibility with its ability to read 1D, 2D, Postal and Direct Part Mark (DPM) barcodes.

The CR3600 DPM has a color screen and keypad for entering data and supports inventory and quality control from the workers on the line, to tracking parts on shelves to assembly to audits. Multiple applications loaded on the device will support the specific needs of various business functions. The CR3600 DPM can track parts from shelf to assembly to audit, helping create a closed loop system of quality.

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Visit Code’s YouTube channel to see our latest product videos!

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