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Code barcode reading solutions enhance patient safety

June 8, 2014

Here at Code, we have been an innovative leader in integrating barcode reading technology into medication administrative applications for over ten years. Our barcode readers are in use across the world, and in fact Code is the market leader in the supply of barcode reading solutions to the healthcare sector within the United States. Code’s [...]

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Code Moves European Headquarters to Bodegraven, The Netherlands

May 12, 2014

Read about the announcement here >>

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Introducing the CR3600 DPM Reader!

April 25, 2014

The Code Reader™ 3600 (CR3600) features Direct Part Mark (DPM) reading capabilities, packing numerous features into its compact design. This sleek, wireless barcode reader has a color screen and keypad that allows users to manually enter data in real time. The screen provides a mobile solution for users who need instant visibility of scanned data. [...]

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Build your custom device with Code

April 8, 2014

Whatever the design, Code’s CR8000 scan engine is a high performance, miniature barcode imaging engine ideal for fixed and mobile solutions. For integration, a variety of mounting options are available including: tabs, blind through holes, and mounting brackets for both the scan engine and the decode board. Learn how to build reliable, durable and future-proof [...]

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Convert a iPhone 5/5s into an aggressive barcode reading solution

March 15, 2014

Consolidating technologies into one, user-friendly device has perhaps never been more in demand among mobile-driven applications, and the CR4405 sled is leading the way. The CR4405 iPhone® 5/5s barcode reading sled is the only one that features replaceable, rechargeable battery cartridges. This makes changing depleted batteries quick and easy, and avoiding workflow interruptions even easier. [...]

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New Product Videos

February 4, 2014

Want to learn more about Code products? Check our YouTube channel to view our new product videos!

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Code launches the CR3600

January 12, 2014

The CR3600 employs the latest imaging technology and includes the ability to write and customize JavaScript applications without the need to purchase an additional license. With capability of direct data input via a keypad and brightly colored screen the CR3600 is the ideal mobile barcode reading solution for deployment where integration versatility is required. Designed [...]

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Manage Code barcode readers remotely with CortexRM

November 1, 2013

CortexRM™ is a remote management tool designed to give IT departments the ability to manage a fleet of Code barcode readers from a single location by using the same tool, or tools, already being used to manage other hardware devices deployed across an enterprise. CortexRM™ gives instant visibility and control of a barcode reader. CortexRM™ [...]

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Multiple Good Read Indicators

October 1, 2013

Understanding that barcode readers are used in a variety of applications, industries and environments, Code barcode readers have been designed with versatility in mind. Code’s CR1400 barcode reader features multiple feedback indicators – LED, audible and vibration – to insure the user is aware that a ‘good read’ has occurred, regardless of the work environment [...]

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Flexible Decoding Options

September 1, 2013

Code offers a full line of area imaging barcode readers to quickly parse data from both 1D and 2D barcodes. For those not quite ready to upgrade to 2D reading, the CR900FD – is an entry-level, area imaging barcode reader with flexible decoding capabilities. The CR900FD features full omnidirectional reading of standard 1D barcodes, and [...]

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