Code Corporation Introduces the New CR8000™

Code Corporation announces the release of a new bar code reader, the Code Reader 8000™ (CR8000). Designed for embedded applications, the CR8000 features a world-class imaging and decoding platform that meets demanding space requirements without compromising on bar code reading performance.

The CR8000 continues Code’s legacy of dual optical fields – while most bar code readers have a single field that is enhanced for a specific application, the CR8000 has two fields,a high density field for reading the smallest of bar codes, and a wide angle field for reading oversized bar codes, giving you two scanners in one miniaturized reader.In addition, Code has designed the optics to allow for custom focal lengths during the manufacturing process.

Measuring less than 3.6 cubic-centimeters, the optical engine of the CR8000 is compact and versatile enough to be embedded into a variety of machinery and configured to any application requiring either 1D or 2D bar code reading.Furthermore, the CR8000 includes connectivity to control additional illumination blocks for more demanding applications such as medical, or to take advantage of Code’s patented glared reducing technology.

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