Discover the CR6000

In tough environments, a tool you can rely on

Versatile and efficient, the CR6000 is the essential barcode reader for high-traffic manufacturing operations within challenging environmental conditions. The industrial grade direct part mark (DPM) imager from Code, effortlessly reads etched, embossed, dot peen, low-contrast and postal barcodes.

Designed with multiple illumination fields, the CR6000 intuitively selects the field that is the most efficient at reading each barcode type. This results in quick and accurate data collection from hard to read surfaces, damaged barcodes, and those that are smudged, dirty or even caked with debris.


Features and Benefits

  • Reads laser-etched and dot peen markings
  • Reads color and low-contrast barcodes
  • IP54 housing securely protects against dust and debris
  • Small form factor for operator comfort
  • Integrated metal clip or hook holder for ease of placement and retrieval
  • User feedback with programmable LED, audible tone and vibrating good read indicators
  • Operates hands-free or handheld
  • Compatible with Code’s CortexTools™ software configuration utility
  • Data editing and parsing with JavaScript
  • Optional stand


Optimizing Business Processes with the CR6000

  • Accurately track and trace components in a variety of industrial applications
  • Enhance productivity within the production process
  • Range of features that improve operator feedback and the ergonomics of the work station


Low Total Cost of Ownership

Whether tracking a component through the production process, monitoring the entire life cycle of a time limited part or complying with track and trace legislation, the CR6000 is the ideal DPM reader providing advanced technology in a form factor that is designed for purpose and at low cost of ownership.

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Supply Chain Management with the CR3600 DPM Reader

With many organizations adhering to a lean manufacturing philosophy, keeping track of inventory has never been more important. The CR3600 DPM provides the ideal solution. It bring user mobility with its Bluetooth® embedded wireless communication, and flexibility with its ability to read 1D, 2D, Postal and Direct Part Mark (DPM) barcodes.

The CR3600 DPM has a color screen and keypad for entering data and supports inventory and quality control from the workers on the line, to tracking parts on shelves to assembly to audits. Multiple applications loaded on the device will support the specific needs of various business functions. The CR3600 DPM can track parts from shelf to assembly to audit, helping create a closed loop system of quality.

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Check us out on YouTube!

Visit Code’s YouTube channel to see our latest product videos!

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Code barcode reading solutions enhance patient safety

Here at Code, we have been an innovative leader in integrating barcode reading technology into medication administrative applications for over ten years. Our barcode readers are in use across the world, and in fact Code is the market leader in the supply of barcode reading solutions to the healthcare sector within the United States.

Code’s barcode readers provide genuine benefits to your organization, enhancing productivity at a low total cost of ownership.

Barcode Reading Solutions from Code can:

  • Reduce dispensing errors
  • Enhance patient safety
  • Track, trace and authenticate medicines
  • Improve the customer experience at the point of service
  • Optimize inventory
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Code Moves European Headquarters to Bodegraven, The Netherlands

Read about the announcement here >>

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Introducing the CR3600 DPM Reader!

The Code Reader™ 3600 (CR3600) features Direct Part Mark (DPM) reading capabilities, packing numerous features into its compact design. This sleek, wireless barcode reader has a color screen and keypad that allows users to manually enter data in real time. The screen provides a mobile solution for users who need instant visibility of scanned data. A reader that scans 1D, 2D, Postal and even Direct Part Mark (DPM) barcodes, is a reader that provides limitless possibilities.

Designed for applications that require process controls, component tracking, work-in-process (WIP) and assembly line monitoring, the CR3600 DPM handles barcode reading needs in Aerospace, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, DOD, and Semiconductor industries.

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Build your custom device with Code

Whatever the design, Code’s CR8000 scan engine is a high performance, miniature barcode imaging engine ideal for fixed and mobile solutions. For integration, a variety of mounting options are available including: tabs, blind through holes, and mounting brackets for both the scan engine and the decode board. Learn how to build reliable, durable and future-proof products with Code’s aggressive scan engine.

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Convert a iPhone 5/5s into an aggressive barcode reading solution

Consolidating technologies into one, user-friendly device has perhaps never been more in demand among mobile-driven applications, and the CR4405 sled is leading the way.

The CR4405 iPhone® 5/5s barcode reading sled is the only one that features replaceable, rechargeable battery cartridges. This makes changing depleted batteries quick and easy, and avoiding workflow interruptions even easier. Its durable, IP54-rated housing withstands harsh environments, and consists of disinfectant ready plastics that stand up to frequent cleaning with rigorous chemicals.

The CR4405 delivers superior performance on all 1D, 2D and stacked barcode symbologies, and it includes a software development kit to tailor scanner applications.

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New Product Videos

Want to learn more about Code products? Check our YouTube channel to view our new product videos!

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Code launches the CR3600

The CR3600 employs the latest imaging technology and includes the ability to write and customize JavaScript applications without the need to purchase an additional license. With capability of direct data input via a keypad and brightly colored screen the CR3600 is the ideal mobile barcode reading solution for deployment where integration versatility is required.

Designed specifically for mobile-related businesses, such as police departments, department of motor vehicles, retail companies and warehouse distributors, the CR3600 thoroughly handles all inventory management and data collection needs. It does so by enabling these organizations to effectively record work orders, track inventory, parse driver licenses and vehicle title and registrations, allowing for the immediate visibility of critical barcoded data.

For ease of customization and integration, a JavaScript license is included with each device, as well as multiple JavaScript applications pre-installed with source programming available for download from the Code website enabling both existing and new resellers to quickly provide solutions to their customer base.


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